Customer Service Numbers

Welcome to Customer Service Numbers- the UK telephone number directory online, founded in January 2014 with the aim of ensuring you’ll never be short of a much-needed customer services phone number.

What we do

Our site is based around making it as easy as possible for you to make the calls that you need. We have a staff who monitor all of the contact numbers on our site to make sure that they’re being directed to the correct helplines, so that people who use our numbers are getting their matters resolved in a quick and easy fashion. By this we mean – we check the customer service details of each of the companies listed here regularly, and if they decide to start obscuring their details or (in the case of many companies already) try to remove all reference to their contact numbers from their official presences, we’ve got you covered.

We’ve got all the best numbers here, for all the companies that everyone’s itching to contact by phone. All the companies who don’t want you calling them – they’d rather you study their website’s pre-written support documents rather than spend time on the phone to their customer services reps. With the move towards online service desks, live chats and social media support, we know that making a call to a customer service agent is still the only secure and fast way to get an urgent matter dealt within a timely manner.

We’ve got you covered – whether it’s general enquiries or complaints, call our numbers to get straight through to the customer services department of whichever company you’re trying to contact. That could be Sky, Virgin Media or BT; Vodafone, Orange or O2; eBay, Amazon or Google – we’ve got your number. If you’ve not found a company that you’re looking for in our site, let us know and we’ll try make sure that they’re added for you.

Customer Service Joke

Think about it – what high-budget media stunts have your broadband provider been pulling lately? Be they BT, Sky or Virgin Media – compare their wealth to the difficulty of just finding a contact phone number on their website!

How about your mobile provider – who are they – O2, Orange, Vodafone, T-Mobile, EE, Three, TalkTalk? How hard is it to find a simple phone number on their website?

Relax – we have your back – we’ve got numbers for all of them on this site, so you can call them at your leisure and find the resolution to your problems.

Thank You For Calling Customer Service!