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For the longest time now, Amazon Prime Instant Video has been considered second to Netflix’s streaming behemoth. Nonetheless, in as much as the tides may not be turning that fast, this is quite some parity between these two big video streaming giants. Amazon Prime Instant Video now does more than just being a middleman between viewers and content maker.

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The site’s burgeoning original programming has started to show fruits in 2016 having bagged five awards at the Emmys as opposed to Netflix’s four. You would say that Amazon Prime Instant Video is gaining a critical acclaim with its exclusive content, which fuels its driving force to pushing people towards what is now referred to as the streaming service. Amazon Prime Instant Video has also taken the lead with technological initiatives by being the first consumer streaming service to offer HDR and Ultra HD streams within its standard plans and packages. As you may notice, Instant Video stands out as one of the popular products in Amazon Prime.

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The normal cost for the year subscription is $99 or £79. This package also features its music-streaming setup, free product delivery, several books from the Kindle store and unlimited cloud-based photo storage. This is way too much competition even for Netflix, which offers a basic package of non-HD with the subscription almost hitting £72 per year. There are several ways to access your amazon-prime-contact-numberAmazon Prime Instant Video streams. Definitely, the classic desktop browser method hits the top of your initiatives. To do this, you go to Amazon’s standard shop pages and once you hit the Prime Video tab, it loads up to what looks like Netflix’s dedicated applications page.

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Amazon Prime Instant Video’s home page has large images that fill the screen and uses a side-scrolling method that allows you to drill down further into different genres on its display. Other ways to access Amazon Prime Instant Video include using the Amazon Video apps available for Android, Amazon’s Fire products such as the Fire TV, iOS app and smart TVs. The beauty of these apps is they focus on video content only, which means you are not to be bothered with suggestions regarding which TV seems to be your favourite owing to your browsing history. The applications are perfectly functional and allow you to access watchlists that you can add shows or remove movies that don’t fancy you anymore. Amazon Prime Instant Video hosts about 18,000 movies and around 4,500 TV shows.