Apple customer service number – 0870 186 5207

apple-customer-services-numberAs one of the most recognisable brands anywhere in the world, the Apple customer service number is understandably under constraint strain from people looking to contact their helpline team. They were a relatively small player in the consumer electronics market at the turn of the millennium. However, the popularity of the iPhone, iPod and iPad have made their contact number one of the most searched for and called around. Of course, this rise in the amount of people who are desperate to speak to one of the Apple geniuses who manage their helpline is directly linked to the rapid rise. Thankfully, the company have set up their UK call centres in such a way that they can manage many thousands of phone calls each and every day.

You should also be able to get in touch with Apple through their Twitter and Facebook pages. However, for anything of a timely manner, you ay be best advised calling the Apple customer service number – and you can easily connect to them by using our dedicated Apple contact number connection line. Calls cost £0.13 per minute, plus your phone company’s access charge. Check with your provider because access charges vary from company to company, and calls from mobiles may cost considerably more. Our service provides a connection to the main helpline, allowing quick conversations with Apple Customer Service to be made, easily.

Calling the Apple contact number

When it comes to ordering products, most customers do that online. This can be done through the official Apple website here:

While they are enormous brand all around the world, Apple has taken a particular strong grip in the UK. This dominance gets shown by the amount of Apple stores that have sprung up in major cities across Britain. It is also clear by the amount of people you are likely to see in daily life using one of their products (the iPhone is believed to be the most popular). However, as with any company who have had such enormous success in selling their products to the public, there are always going to be those who experience issues. Their website aside, the main port of call for people who do have a problem with the company is to call the Apple customer service number.

Phoning Apple & speaking to Apple customer services

Apple customer service contact numberWhen dialling the Apple customer service number, the person ringing will be directed through to a relevant member of their helpline staff through following instructions and pressing buttons. As with all of their products, the staff who are trained to deal with these calls are all experts, and should be able to address your issues.

The most common reason for people calling the Apple contact number is for some form of tech support. These can range from people who are unable to switch on their Mac computer, through to those who have smashed the front of their iPhone and even users who are having glitches on their iPad. If the product in under warranty, they are likely to try replace the product, or walk through simple tutorials that may resolve the matter.

That aside, the Apple phone number team deal with hundreds of different types of problems every day. These differ from people who would like to purchase an Apple product, to those who would like to complain about something they have bought (or would even like a refund). Thankfully, the Apple customer service number team are more than able to deal with all of these matters and more.