Argos contact number – 0843 504 7697

With millions of clients across the country, there are thousands of people every day who need to call the Argos customer service number. Whether this is wanting to speak to their local branch to their contact number or ringing the central helpline contact number, the company have to deal with a huge volume of enquiries from all over the United Kingdom. However, being one of the most well recognised and established brand in Britain, the company are more than able to deal with all of this and more. In fact, they have consistently won awards for the level of support that they provide to customers.

Calling the Argos contact number

Argos customer service numberFor those who are unaware, Argos is the number one catalogue company in the UK. Pioneering a unique way of selling from their launch, consumers go in and pick their items from catalogues around each store, before getting a member of staff to pick it up from their warehouse. This situation allows them to cut back on overheads and focus on keeping prices low – and keeping the levels of their customer service high.

The range of different items that they sell due to this unique way of selling is enormous, with toys, watches and garden equipment being three of their big sellers. They have also been major players in the jewellery and electronics industries over the years – to the point where they have also had their dedicated brands for each.

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So why do people need to speak to Argos customer service?

As with any retailer, the reasons why people call the Argos customer service number can vary from week to week, but they remain the same. Faulty products and returns are two of the main reasons why people get in touch with the Argos contact number and, indeed, go in to speak to their customer service teams in store. They also deal with complaints and enquiries about items that they have in stock (or, is often the case, items that happen to be out of stock).

Do I need to call the Argos customer service number?

Argos customer serviceOf course, one of the advantages of any high street store is the fact that they have dedicated customer service staff in each of their branches. However, many people have noted of many companies that these in-branch employees do not have the same powers as their call centre equivalents – unless you are dealing with a manager. It is for this reason that most people go to the Argos contact number when they have a larger issue with the company.

What is the best way to get in touch with Argos customer service?

Well, it depends on who you ask. Argos themselves would much prefer that their clients go through their web support portals. This policy is much cheaper for them as many problems can be self-diagnosed – or the customer gets bored and forgets about the issue. However, for the most pressing issues it is recommended that a trip to your local shop or a call to the Argos customer service number gets made.