ASDA contact number – 0870 218 0686

One of Britain’s largest supermarkets, it is not uncommon for customers to have a problem when dealing with ASDA. Give that they have been the UK’s lowest priced supermarket 16 years running, selling groceries to millions of consumers every week, there are often issues with getting your problem heard. The solution is to contact the ASDA customer service number.

Like Tesco, Morrisons, Sainsburys and other competitors, ASDA have huge call centres that specialise in dealing with complaints. If you have had poor customer service in one of their stores, or if you have been overcharged, then their helpline will likely provide you with the resolution to your query. Issues range from the large – controversies that are dealt with in the mainstream media and press such as the horsemeat scandal – to the small – rotten fresh produce – and all will be dealt with in a manner that should be speedy and efficient.


ASDA employ thousands of staff from all over Britain, and getting a job with them should be an easy. There are many ways in which to go about this, and they are accustomed to these kind of queries. In fact, staff at their call centres are trained in how to deal with people asking how to get a job at ASDA, so do not be afraid of phoning and asking about how you can work for them too.

How to get in touch with ASDA’s helpline

Given the range of their products and the amount of offers they run (Buy One Get One Free and heavily discounted lines being chief among them) it is no surprise that many run into difficulties when they do their weekly shop. People are accustomed to an easy shopping experience when purchasing their food and clothing, and ASDA like to know about any issue with that. Contacting them will be a swift process, and they truly care about retaining custom. One common resolution is that of a refund or full apology from the company, as they are very keen to make sure that people are not unhappy with their customer service. It is the job of ASDA’s helpline to make sure that customers are not upset with the business.

There are a number of reasons why you may feel the need to get in touch with ASDA. Sometimes, other competitors offer cheaper deals, and the ASDA Price Promise means that they will beat the price of any like for like good bought in other stores. Priding themselves on how cheap they are able to sell fresh fruit, vegetable, frozen food and clothing (through their George brand), they are likely to taken being beaten for price by Tesco or Sainsbury’s very seriously, and will be more than willing to help.

ASDA are also noted for their wide range of non-food items. The aforementioned George is perhaps their best known brand, but they also have a growing side of the business with ASDA Living that deals with non-food, home and entertainment products. Given the amount of consumers who rely on this arm of the company, they are also keen to hear from unhappy or aggrieved customers who have run into problems with ASDA Living. The number of staff employed by the business means that poor customer service or simple misunderstandings can be quite common, and complaining about any issue – large or small – is welcomed by the company.

Why is complaining to ASDA important?

Though it may not seem this way on the shop floor, one of the main ways in which any supermarket judges the success of their company is how many complaints they have to deal with each week from customers. In-store customer services desks generally deal with smaller issues, and will do all they can to make sure that the problem is not escalated. However, those at head office only really feel the strain when people contact ASDA’s customer contact number, and speak to a call centre operative. That way, your problem is dealt with centrally, and is more likely to end in a favourable resolution for you.

Also, if you feel upset with the company, they would prefer to know why you feel the way you do rather than leaving to do your weekly shop at Tesco or Morrisons. Contacting ASDA means that they have an opportunity to rectify the situation in a way that leaves both parties happy. Complaints also make sure that ASDA’s staff are all of the highest quality possible, and helps to create a workforce that embodies the values of the company.

Though your call is unlikely to be escalated to head office, the staff at a call centre have far more tools at their disposal than those who are simply working in store. In fact, getting in touch with ASDA’s customer services via their telephone number is much more likely to result in your complaint ending in the refund or apology that you deserve, and it has been known that they have been known to authorise compensation for aggrieved customers too.

How can I get a refund from ASDA?

Refunding is perhaps the biggest way in which a call centre can help the customer. Though their food is cheap and helps many families on a budget, they are still liable to overcharging – just as Morrisons, Sainsbury’s and any other supermarket are – and in that case, you are entitled to your money back. If the customer services desk in your local ASDA supermarket has been unable to help in this regard, telephoning the main customer care centre is the best manner in which to deal with your problems.

Getting your money back – especially over the phone – should be an easy process. Staff at the call centre are there to deal with complaints, and have budgets from which they are entitled to give refunds to the customer. This should be hassle free, and allows you to keep shopping in ASDA supermarkets without having to feel like you have been cheated, or that your complaint about customer service has been ignored.

ASDA workers

All supermarkets have a high number of workers, who mainly spend their time stacking shelves with food and drink, but also work on checkouts. ASDA is often rated as one of the best shops to work for, and they offer discounts for employees on their weekly shop. As long as an employee is polite to families doing their shopping, then there should be no problem for them. However, if you feel like your customer service has been sub-par, or has affected how you feel about ASDA, then you should get in touch with ASDA’s customer service hotline.

If you are thinking about working for ASDA, then do not fret. They have thousands of positions available across the company, and most people who work there are more than competent. In fact, dealing with customers is often a positive experience, and being able to get even cheaper good thanks to your employee discounts should be thought of as one of the bonuses of working for ASDA. One of the main ways in which to check about the availability of jobs at ASDA is to ring their customer contact number.