Boots contact number – 0870 218 0718

Alliance Boots, is a pharmacy, and, health and beauty group. With, a range, of products and services, from, Boots Customer Services, stores. The company, is international, with, over three thousand, retail stores, serving, twenty five countries, and, offering, Boots Customer Service, in every store.

boots-contact-numberBoots Customer Services

The policy, of, Boots Customer Service teams, is, to offer,
top-quality, services, to all customers, where, you can expect, to be, looked after, by, expert, friendly people. Free, health and beauty advice, is given, by expert, beauty consultants, and, they have, a new, Essentials range, of, great quality toiletries, starting, at only, fifty nine pence, per item. With, all their products, being created, and developed, by, Boots Customer Service personnel.

Boots Loyalty Points

Boots, believe, in being loyal, to, their customers, and, as a reward, for their, regular customers, they offer, a great, loyalty scheme, on the High Street, which gives, an amazing, four points, for every pound spent, using, their advantage cards, which are, available, from any Boots store. Or, for further information, you can, call, the Boots Customer Services Number. For ROI, call 1890 200 085, where, they will, be pleased, to assist you.

Boots Prices

In order, to provide, the best, value for money, Boots, check, thousands of prices, every week, to keep, up to date, with, the current, market place, making, their products, extremely, competitive. as well as, earning, their customers, additional points, on the advantage cards.

Boots Stores

boots-phone-numberBoots, have now combined, their two, retail businesses, in the UK, Alliance Pharmacy, and, Boots. The larger Boots health, and beauty stores, offer, a wide range, of products, including, all, Boots leading brands, as well as, their flagship stores, that, have beauty halls, with, beauty consultants, and premium cosmetics. Across the UK, Boots, have pharmacies, with extended opening hours, through to midnight, in most, major, cities and towns. They also, have, airport stores, with ranges, of products, to suit travelers. For more information, you can call, Boots Customer Services Number, or, for ROI, call, 1890 200 085, where, they will, be pleased, to assist you.

Boots Website

Boots, also have, a great website, at, where, you can view, and read, about, all their products. They also, have a store locator, making it easy, to find, a local store. At Boots online, you can, place an order, by 2pm today, and the products, will be available, for your collection, at, your local store, by 2pm, tomorrow. Boots, also offer, a delivery service, from less, than three pounds, per delivery. Or, if you spend, more than, forty five pounds, the delivery, is free. All details, are available, on the website, or, you can call, Boots Customer Services for any more information.

The number above is for information about Boots stores, where you can provide feedback on your experience with Boots or a particular product, or find the telephone number for a particular store, optician or pharmacy. You can also find information on opening times, services, locations and stock. If you wish to speak to someone about an order or experience with the online store, please refer to the questions below. If you are not happy with an item and wish to return it, you can do so at a local Boots store or through their freepost address.

How Do I Speak to Someone About an Order I Placed at

boots-customer-service-numberThe number for online Boots customer services is on this page. Using this number you can contact someone about an order you have already placed, track the status of your order or raise any concerns or enquiries you have. You can also get information on your Boots Advantage Card points, or place a new order. If you’ve placed an order online and only received part of it through the post, you can speak to someone at this Boots customer service number about a refund or the return of your items. You can return items either at your local store, or through the Boots freepost address, which the telephone operator at Boots customer services will be happy to provide you with. You should note, however, that once you place an order through the online store it can’t be cancelled or amended.

How Do I Make a Complaint?

You can make a complaint by calling the main Boots Customer Services number listed at the top of this page. You can also make a complaint specifically about Boots Pharmacy by calling. Alternatively, you can write to the Boots customer service department at:

Boots Customer Care
PO Box 5300
boots-telephone-numberNG90 1AA

You can also write to the Boots Pharmacy directly, at:

Boots Pharmacy
Unit B, First Floor
58 Park Street
Park Place
West Midlands WS1 1NG