British Gas Customer Service Number: 0870 186 5216

british-gas-customer-service-numberTelephone 0870 186 5216 for the quickest and easiest way to get in contact with the British Gas customer services team. By calling our connection telephone number, you’ll be directed through to what our expert team have deemed to be the best number to speak to the British Gas team about your issue. Our staff are dedicated to helping those who are looking to make a British Gas customer service number call, and by dialling our number you will be saving time and effort.

Phoning British Gas

When you phone British Gas, you’ll be asked for your personal details regarding to your account, including your home address and some personal details in order for the customer services to retrieve your information. This will help the call centre give you the best service possible, without wasting too much of your time (or, indeed, without taking up too much of the customer service advisor’s time, too). If you have your details to hand before you call, it will speed up the process, and help you resolve your issue with as little hassle as possible – whether that is a fault with your service, being overcharged on your bill or simply poor customer service when your new products are being installed. Whether it is a small query, or a larger problem, British Gas customer service will be able to help you – but only if you have your personal account details with you when you phone.

Find out more about British Gas through their official website here: You should also be able to reach out to their helpline-style staff by using their official social media presences: Twitter is always good, but many British Gas customers prefer Facebook. However, for anything urgent, we suggest the British Gas customer service number. Please be aware that using our connection number comes with some stipulations: Calls cost £0.13 per minute, plus your phone company’s access charge. Check with your provider because access charges vary from company to company, and calls from mobiles may cost considerably more. Our service provides a connection to the main helpline, allowing quick conversations with British Gas Customer Service to be made, easily.

We find the best British Gas customer services number to get your query resolved

The problem with many companies – and British Gas can certainly be included in this – is that they advertise a whole host of different contact details for their services. After vigorous research, it’s been shown that ringing 0870 186 5216 will allow you the quickest, easiest route through to the customer services team, who will be able to speedily be able to help you resolve the problem or issue you’re having with the company. In various different tests, it has been shown that British Gas have some of the best customer relations staff. Given that a lot of their marketing gets based on the fact that they are a family friendly company, that should come as no big surprise to anyone.

Once again, the best way to get through to the British Gas Customer Services team is to telephone them on 0870 186 5216. From there they will expertly give you advice and help you return your home back to normal.

British Gas Headquarters - Staines Middlesex

What are common complaints from British Gas Customers?

Most customers are happy with their service from British Gas and have little to complain about in regards to their relations with the company. However, the sheer breadth of the packages they offer means that some people are certain to run into a problem with them at some stage or another.

Of course, given how vital British Gas are to the smooth running of any home any slight fault or issue can have major ramifications for those on the receiving end of any mistakes. Currently, the company are offering gas, electricity and their trademark Home Care service among many others.

Common complaints include

  • Poor customer service – Having new services installed by a company should be a relatively pain-free process, but somehow, many customers have issues when it comes to setting up a new account with British Gas. This can stem from poor installation, or even being misled by a sales advisor on the price of the services being provided. Given the amount of competition in the energy market at the minute – with E.ON and npower both offering very competitive rates – it is best if you let British Gas know if you have had low levels of customer service in any shape or form from them
  • High charges on a British Gas bill – Despite the recession, energy prices keep going through the roof – and the problem that many customers have with British Gas is that they are simply charging too much. Even with many elderly people suffering the effects of harsh winters, Centrica – the company that now owns British Gas – still keeps pumping up the prices. It has been known that they have unknowingly overcharged people on certain tariffs too – so it is always advisable that you query your bill.
  • Home Care problems – Though they like to market their Home Care service as a one stop shop to end all your home woes, there are many things that the service does not cover. Though they will repair most damages to pipes and boilers, there are stringent and restrictive rulings on exactly what it is they cover. This situation has led to a variety of complaints from disgruntled customers.

Experienced any of the above issues? Or, indeed, had any problem with the company whatsoever? Take solace in the fact that you are far from alone, and that the British Gas customer services team will be able to offer help and advice on the matter.

British Gas Reception

Call the British Gas customer service team on this number: 0870 186 5216.