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BUPA, a private healthcare company, has a presence in over 190 countries, and caters to about 22 million customers worldwide. It is the biggest private healthcare company in the U.K., next only to the National Health Service (NHS). BUPA has a strong customer support team with several dedicated BUPA customer services number.

General Uses of BUPA Helplines

Customers usually use BUPA contact number to make a claim, update details on policy, check the status of claims, seek information on policy limitations and entitlements, seek pre-authorization for visiting a Consultant or seek any other information. Customers may also use the BUPA phone number to make complaints on claims being denied, or delayed processing of claims.

Individuals who are not customers frequently use BUPA contact number to seek healthcare information, get a quote to subscribe to BUPA’s insurance schemes, or to discuss specific healthcare requirements for their businesses.

Contact Information for Specific Services

The contact us page of BUPA UK website lists out telephone numbers and contact information for specific products, such as health assessment packages, international health insurance policies, travel insurance, health assessments, dental insurance, and other offerings. This page also lists contact number of BUPA Cromwell Hospital, BUPA Centres and BUPA Care Homes across the U.K., and other institutions, besides contact information for other popular services such as corporate products and services, public sector services, list of approved healthcare professionals and intermediaries, and more.

Calling a BUPA phone number allows the customer to talk to a live agent and get instant reply to their queries. The response is usually prompt.

bupa-phone-numberBUPA customer services number is open from 8am to 8pm Mondays through Fridays and 8am to 6pm on Saturdays for personal and individual enquiries, and for existing customers. The lines are open 9am to 6pm Mondays through Fridays for business enquiries.

BUPA is a leading healthcare organization that was established more than 60 years ago. BUPA works with many of the leading hospitals and medical clinics around the world to provide its customers with first rate affordable medical cover. For more details, read the following BUPA FAQ.

How do I Contact BUPA?
There are a number of different ways to contact a member of the BUPA team. The company can be contacted either by phone, email of writing and a rapid response is guaranteed. BUPA’s Customer Service Centre can be contacted by sending an email to csc@bupa.co.uk, For more information visit http://www.bupa.co.uk/contact-us.

How do I Make a Claim?
Simply visit one of BUPA’s affiliated hospitals and clinics and show your membership card. The medical centre will send all of the eligible expenses directly to BUPA for settlement. For people who are admitted to a hospital as an inpatient, the hospital will call BUPA to conform their level of cover. Only listed hospitals are covered by BUPA. After treatment has been given, BUPA customers then need to send the company documents including the original invoice, the original receipt and a medical certificate that shows the name of the person treated as well as a full description of the treatment given, the condition that the individual was treated for and the date a duration of the treatment.

How to I claim for Treatment in Another Country?
Simply follow the procedure that is detailed above. People who have a serious accident and have no funds to pay for treatment in advance should ask the medical centre to call the phone number on their BUPA membership card. BUPA will then conform the policy details and arrange a direct settlement.

What Am I Covered For?
BUPA offers a large number of different policies, and the exact things that each individual is covered for will vary according to the details of their policy and the level of the cover that they have selected. It is a good idea to take the time to check your BUPA policy carefully in order to become familiar with the details in advance. It is also possible to change the level of your policy if you desire additional coverage at any time.

Of course, this is just a small selection of the top BUPA FAQ sections. Other questions that are often asked include the cost and duration of policies.

Many people today are looking for the added reassurance offered by private health cover. It can provide faster access to treatment and a choice of hospitals and consultants so that you can fit your care around a busy schedule. Bupa insurance is one of the best known, leading companies in this sector and it has a wide range of products and services to meet a range of needs.

What Bupa Offers

When you think of Bupa it’s probably in terms of health insurance – paying a regular premium to have access to private hospital treatment when you need it. But, whilst this is key to its business, there’s much more to the company’s services than that.

For example it offers health assessments that can help you understand your body and identify any possible future risks. Policy holders also have access to a dedicated helpline where they can talk to a qualified health professional about anything that’s worrying them and even get a call back from a doctor if required.

You don’t need to have a regular plan to benefit from Bupa’s services either. The company offers on demand schemes that allows you access to treatment on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Other Services

As well as access to hospital treatment and services Bupa has plans to cover the cost of dental treatment, whether you’re an NHS or a private patient. It has its own specialist dental centres in several major cities around the UK too.

Bupa care homes provide a safe and secure environment for the elderly, whether on a long or short term basis. It’s also one of the UK’s leading providers of dementia care. You don’t need to have a Bupa policy to be able to stay in one of the company’s homes.

Finally, Bupa insurance isn’t just about health care. It has a range of travel insurance products too. You can get cover for a single trip or a policy that will cover you for all of your travel over the course of a year. If you’re into winter sports holidays or you’re going backpacking, specialist policies are available to meet your needs.

BUPA, a leading healthcare player in the U.K., known for its healthcare policies, has its own extensive network of health-care centers as well.

BUPA Cromwell Hospital

bupa-contact-number-ukBupa has its own private hospital – BUPA Cromwell Hospital, in central London. This hospital offers complex procedures, using advanced diagnostic and treatment technologies, for both adults and children.

The telephone number to contact BUPA Cromwell Hospital is +44 (0)20 7460 5700. The lines are open between 8am and 8pm Monday to Friday, and between 8am and 2pm on Saturdays. It is possible to arrange a call-back by filling up an online form.

The email address for BUPA Cromwell Hospital is contact.centre@cromwellhospital.com.

BUPA Centres

Apart from BUPA Cromwell Hospital, BUPA operates many BUPA Centres across the U.K. These centres offer a range of outpatient consultants, health assessments, private GP services, musculoskeletal services, dermatology and cosmetic treatments, seasonal flu vaccinations, diagnostic tests, and other treatments.

BUPA has also established a new dental clinic in central London, and plans to start 50 branches across U.K. soon.

The BUPA Centre webpage offers the address and contact numbers of all BUPA centres in the U.K. It is also possible to search for a nearby the BUPA center using this webpage.

For information on health assessments and private GP services using these BUPA centres, call 0845 600 3458. To make a health assessment booking, call 0845 322 4691 or fill up an online form at the website.

For information on musculoskeletal service, call 0845 485 7378. For private dental services, call 0845 600 4779, and for dermatology and cosmetics treatments, call 0845 600 6034.

BUPA Care Homes

bupa-customer-services-numberBUPA also operates care homes for the elderly and infirm. These centres offer 24-hour personal support and specialist care, using qualified nurses. There are a range of care options available, including residential care, day care, short stay, palliative or end of life care, dementia care, Parkinson’s care, care for young people with disabilities, and more.

The contact number to seek information or for any matter regarding on BUPA care homes is 0333 920 8317.

Consultants and Facilities Finder

The Consultants and Facilities Finder page in the BUPA U.K. website allow customers to locate and identify appropriate hospitals or medical practitioners from BUPA’s extensive network of facilities and consultants. Policy holder’s use this facility to select fee assured consultants or hospitals, so that the policy covers the fees and they do not have to pay shortfalls from their pockets.

Bupa Care experts are a specialist team of trained advisors, they are available over the phone, and will discuss all your needs, concerns, queries, and viable options, on the Bupa Telephone Enquiry Line.

bupa-helplineBupa is a long established highly respected organisation which specialises in residential care homes. The facilities are second-to-none, and the well designed homes are safe and secure. Care is centered on generating a homely atmosphere and catering to specific individual needs. There is a 24/7 nursing support service for all clients. All Bupa nurses hold government recognised qualifications.

Long and short-term stays in first-class Bupa accommodation are catered for, and there is a vast option of services covering an array of conditions for people who can no longer cope at home. These include both old and young people who are in need of care due to various illnesses, the physically disabled, patients with learning disabilities, those with diseases such as dementia and Parkinsons, and those who need palliative end-of-life support. Residents are offered enjoyable nutritional meals and round the clock nursing and care. Residents who have some form of independence are actively supported. Families and friends are regularly consulted so that the staff are familiar with the history and choices of the resident. Trail visits can easily be arranged, allowing the individual to sample all that Bupa has to offer. Please call the enquiry line to speak to a helpful adviser.

Convalescence care which involves day care, is a service geared for individuals who are recuperating from a debilitating illness or surgery, and are unable to stay at home alone. At Bupa they will be given a program of rest, a healthful diet, and if necessary, a personalised exercise plan.
Respite care, which involves short term stays as little as just a week, or as long as six weeks, is very popular as it gives the resident a holiday break, and allows their family or home carer to have their holiday, and a break from their normal routine. It is also invaluable as carers may need this cover if they themselves fall ill with the flu or some other short term illness which may affect their duties.

The Bupa Telephone Enquiry Line care advisers are ready to help you make life as pleasant as possible for your loved ones. Please do not hesitate to find out more.

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