Deliveroo contact number – 0870 186 5253

Deliveroo is a food delivery company based in London, just if you didn’t know. They go by the slogan ‘proper food, proper delivery’ and sure to their word they offer services that are watermarked by the multiple positive customer reviews. The company set foot in 2012 as an idea of two namely; Shu William and Greg Orlowski. The business is run on both online portals as well as mobile apps platforms. So now you could go ahead and name Customer Services that you think you need and they definitely will get that guilty pleasure right to where you are. Sounds pretty amazing!
This article will offer information regarding Deliveroo services, email contact, address, and social media links as well as researched facts to issues you may need to know. Let’s unwrap Deliveroo right here, right now!

Phoning the Deliveroo contact number team – do I need to call Deliveroo customer services

Deliveroo offers a wide range of food menus to choose from. The categories are Sweet Treats, Desserts, Guilty Pleasures, Family Favorites, Healthy Foods, Bring to the Bar and Cream of the Crop. The order is delivered right where you are situated may it be at home, office or at the bar, they will always know how to get it to you. Their prices are very friendly but the customer’s postal code must be within Deliveroo’s network range. The delivery is made within an average time of 32 minutes. Hence, name Customer Services for your food delivery and they sort you out instantly.

Why do people call the Deliveroo phone number team?

When you look out in several directories you will find a couple of contact numbers. Here is the main Deliveroo customer services support number; +44203 322 3444. All you need is to take action by phoning and ask them to name Customer Service requirements for you to make an order instantly. Apparently, they don’t take orders via phone so they will ask you to either visit their online portal at or download their app either on Android or Apple platforms.

They got another number too! You might have been worried how long you would have had to wait thinking they operate a single customer support number.

Go on and call the number as it’s provided and ask any questions you may have in regard to their customer services. Feel free to refer you friends and peers to information on Deliveroo in this directory, it’s your ultimate contact numbers solution.

Deluveroo Customer Service Opening Hours

If by any chance you do expect to come across an advert by Deliveroo about their helpline opening hours, you possibly ever won’t come across it. Why? Because they are believed to be a 24/7 service delivery company. Putting that aside, we have taken an extra step to find out when best you can reach them without having to wait for so long. Their opening hours fall in where most people are available to use their services- you must be guessing before you get it from this article.

Deliveroo is open every day of the week- Monday to Sunday and entirely the whole 24 hours of each day. So now you know! They got your back all the time, any day! Then why not use their services?

Deliveroo Postal Address

They have a pool of offices in every corner of the United Kingdom making them one of the fast growing companies here. Nevertheless, they do offer one postal address to the public where anyone willing to reach them via mail can contact them. Realistically, if your issue isn’t that formal where you would have to go the mail way, then this isn’t the very best idea to go. Could be a legal issue? Then you are on the perfect path. To wrap this, address your mail here:
Roofoods Limited
22-24 Torrington place
In case you may need to make a physical visit to their headquarters use this address:
76=78 Charlotte Street, Fitzrovia, London W1T 4QS, UK.

Phoning the Deliveroo contact number? Here’s what you need to know before you call Deliveroo

The company is ever willing to work with like-minded personnel as well as other market shareholders. Their main objective while hiring is; can you solve any operational issue and possibly on a large scale? If yes, name Customer Service solutions and you have got a job to be done on Deliveroo. For more information visit their website at .

How Can I Alternatively but Efficiently Contact Deliveroo?

This is the most asked FAQ (frequently asked questions) according to the survey. They have made it in the online food order industry courtesy of their response to this issue right here. Among their efforts to resolve this perfectly is their use of online portals in uniqueness one could never think of. The idea to resolve issues via social media platforms rather than a physical demographic call to the support centre. But don’t mistake them for not been efficient on the helpline numbers, they are.

In line with this move, they scrapped off making orders via phone and made them exclusively on their online portals and at the end people got used to it. The choice to either contact them on phone or on their online portal depends on the nature of your problem. Here are quick links to their online presence. Don’t fret because they do respond incredibly fast!

Twitter: @Deliveroo, @Deliveroohelp
Email address:
Instagram Handle:
Official website:
Official blog:

What Kind of restaurants are on Deliveroo?

Depending on your demographic are, Deliveroo uses the best options for you in that zone. The restaurants are curate and of high quality. Do not expect low-quality places on Deliveroo.

Why Deliveroo doesn’t accept cash?

Being in a forward moving millennium where technology is the way to follow, they only accept card payment which is efficient for both you and them. Nevertheless, you could tip their Roomen and women using cash!

Why use Deliveroo for your food delivery needs?

You have got all the reasons to do so. The feedback from other users is an absolute answer. Secondly, their speedy online portal is no different to their customer services helpline department. Finally, you can order whenever you feel like- they are just waiting on you!