DVLNI contact number – 0870 218 0678

While it is technically part of the DVLA, the DVLNI phone number is widely considered to be a DVLNI contact number different body to the main helpline. However, as the Driver and Vehicle dvlni-contact-numberLicensing Agency no longer have any local offices, all of the calls for the DVLNI go through to the central helpline. However, this doesn’t stop people wanting to get in touch with the helpline for the Northern Irish branch of the organisation for a whole host of different reasons. Regardless, when searching for the DVLNI contact number, you should be able to dial and get through to a member of their helpline team, that should be able to assist you.

What is the DVLNI?

The DVLNI is essentially the Northern Irish branch of the DVLA. This is reflected in it’s name – Driver and Vehicle Licensing Northern Ireland. It deals with every aspect of driving in the region, from licence plates through to driving licenses and even theory tests. Their scope is so enormous that there are always going to be thousands of people who need to call the DVLNI contact number on a regular basis.

For information about the DVLNI, visit their site here: http://www.nidirect.gov.uk/motoring
dvlni-phone-numberFor details about contacting DVLA, visit this site: dvlacontactnumber.com

Why do people call the DVLNI phone number?

There are a whole range of different reasons for calling the DVLNI contact number. These can range from the obvious – people needing to pay their road tax or request a SORN – through to the wildly obscure. However, their helpline team should be able to answer almost any query quickly and simply – this includes processing applications and even managing complaints. A speedy call to the DVLNI phone number should sort out your issue, regardless of the reason behind you ringing them.