EDF Energy contact number – 0870 186 5244

EDF Energy is one of the largest suppliers of energy in the UK for residential customers. They also serve large, medium and small businesses. If you need assistance with changing suppliers, maintaining your energy supply when you move your busienss to a different location or have questions about your bill they can help. If you have an electric vehicle contact them on the EDF Energy helpline. They can help you to find solutions for recharging your electric car. Home customers may call 0800 056 7777 if they need help with home insulation too.edf-energy-contact-number

Home Customers and Renewable Energy

You can get renewable energy for your home with the help of EDF energy. Their knowledgeable customer service options can guide you through all the options that are available for your residence. Call the EDF Energy contact number to learn all about using an air source heat pump, solar thermal hot water or solar photovoltaic alternatives. Phone them up and ask their team about the length of time that it will take to install an energy solution or how much money you can earn by exporting energy back to the grid.

Recharging Your Electric Car with EDF Energy

Many consumers nowadays have thought about the benefits of going green with their motor vehicle. Toxic fuel emissions and gas prices have UK residents looking for ways to reduce their spending and help the environment at the same time. If you currently own an electric car, EDF energy can help you to keep it charged. Call a representative on the direct EDF Energy contact number to discuss end to end recharging solutions.
Experienced team members can explain how EDF can help you to keep private vehicles or those which are used in businesses fully charged. A dedicated team handles all questions related to electric vehicles. Speak to any member of that team on the EDF Energy helpline by calling 0800 096 9636 and ask questions about how to recharge your vehicle, the cost of recharging your car and edf-energy-numberthe cost associated with keeping your automobile working properly.

Business Customers That Need to Relocate

Large, small and medium-sized businesses sometimes need to relocate. If you are planning on moving your operations, EDF Energy can make the entire process much easier. If you want EDF to continue to be your supplier at your new location, submit a Moving Location Request on their webpage. Use the EDF Energy phone number 0845 301 3530 to get additional help with planning your move.
Handling more than 5.7 million accounts, EDF Energy is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of gas and electricity. On this EDF Energy FAQ page you will find the answers to some of the questions most often asked by the firm’s customers.

How do I contact EDF Energy?

Depending on your query there are a number of ways in which you can contact the company.
Due to the myriad of departments the company has, it would very difficult to list every detail in this EDF Energy FAQ. A list of relevant numbers can found by logging on EDF Energy’s ‘Contact Us’ page on its website.Alternatively you can write to EDF Energy, Freepost RRYZ-BRTT-CBJS, Osprey House, Osprey Road, Exeter, EX2 7WN.

What do I do if I’m moving house?

Depending on your meter type, your EDF account can be taken with you to your new property.

Your first task is to speak to one of EDF’s advisers on 0800 015 1733. You are required to inform the energy company of you move within 14 days of leaving the property and you should provide edf-energy-support-numberthem with an accurate reading. This will allow EDF to assess if you are in credit or not before issuing a bill or repayment.

How do I become an EDF Energy customer?

You can switch to EDF Energy by filling in a form on the company’s website or by calling its sales line.

Once you have chosen a tariff, EDF will contact your existing supplier and advise them of your transfer date. EDF offers a 12 day cooling off period after your sign up date allowing to change your mind. After this, the transfer of your account will take place.

How do I provide meter readings?

If one of EDF Energy’s operatives has not visited your home to take a reading, there are several ways in which you can provide one to the company.

Perhaps the easiest method is via your online EDF account. All you have to do is log on to the MyAccount section of the site and navigate to the ‘Submit a Meter Reading’ option. Alternatively, you can download the company’s mobile app and follow the instructions on the screen or call the meter readings line.

We hope you have found this EDF Energy FAQ page helpful. If you have any further queries then please visit the Help Centre on the energy firm’s website www.edfenergy.com.

EDF Energy is considered to be one of the largest energy companies based in the United Kingdom. Its activities span around generation and sale of electricity and gas to businesses and homes. EDF Energy boasts of being the largest low-carbon electricity producer in the region. Apart from supply of energy, the company also provides employment opportunities to over 15,000 people who work in the industry. It operates with a well-established customer care department that functions to sort out all the EDF Energy complaints raised by the customers.

Energy complaints

EDF’s official website provides customers with an opportunity to receive free help and energy tips concerning problems that do arise along the way. The ‘Help and Advice’ section has a list of frequently asked questions with their possible solutions. Issues of concern not handled in the section before can also be handled individually by making a direct call to the customer care department.

How to make a complaint

Customers who do not find the advice offered by normal channels satisfactory can still make advanced complaints through the relevant steps provided below.
• Contact the company through the EDF energy complaints number, E-mail or writing a letter to the Complaints Resolution Manager. Alternatively, you can visit the company for a face-to-face discussion.
• The company solves most issues within the first stage. However, customers with unresolved issues are issued with a complaint reference number together with the name of the complaint handler. The complaint handler is tasked with the duty of informing the customer on the progress of the complaint at all times.
• The complaint handler is expected to assist the customer in solving the problem within five working days. However, if an agreement is not reached within this period, the complaint is handed edf-energy-helpline-numberover to the Customer Service Director for Internal review. Customers can reach this department by sending an E-mail or posting a letter.
• A complaint raised to the Customer Service Director is responded to within five working days and a decision made. The action taken by the company could be an apology, an explanation of their findings, and explanation of their next step, taking appropriate actions to strengthen issues or compensation if applicable.

EDF Energy Refunds

The company allows refunds to customers moving from their current home. In order to get a refund, customers are advised to call the EDF Energy complaints number or fill a feedback form provided on the official website. It also encourages customers to give accurate final reads of their meters before moving out.

EDF Energy is an integrated energy company, which generates electricity, and sells gas and electricity to U.K. homes and businesses. The company has a strong customer support team to answer any queries that customers may have regarding their EDF account or about the products on offer. EDF Energy customer service is available between 8 am and 6 pm, Monday to Friday.

Customers contact EDF customer services for many reasons, such as billing issues, tariff related issues, disruption in supply, making meter readings, migrating to EDF or migrating out of EDF, what to do when moving home, and to claim refunds.

Customer Service Information Categories

EDF Energy customer services has grouped the major customer service issues into the following categories: General issues, Billing and Payment, MyAccount, Meter Reading, PrePayment, and Moving Home.

Many customers call EDF energy customer services number for general information, such as special packages on offer. EDF has special schemes such as Blue + Price Freeze 2015, Blue + Price Promise 2017, and others, and people contact customer service for information on such offers. The customer service agent handling the call offers information on such scheme and inform edf-energy-telephone-numbercustomers on how to subscribe to such schemes.

Common Customer Service Issues

The most common billing and payment issues relate to explanation of various items on the bills, how to change auto-debit, how to make online payment, and other related issues.

The most common meter reading issues for which customers contact customer support include information on how to take and submit meter readings, how to get a smart meter, and more. Many customers also enquire on how to get a prepayment meter. Customers also call EDF Enegry customer service to manage their online accounts, such as changing their personal details, resetting their password, help on retrieving a forgotten account number, and more.

One major issue for which customers call EDF Energy customer services number is on what to do to shift the utility connection, when shifting houses. Specific questions include how to notify EDF Energy about the move, how to shift the meter, and more.

Apart from these common reasons, many people contact EDF Energy customer services to register complaints, such as loss of connection, gas leaks, and other information.

EDF Energy has a committed customer service team and customers who call EDF Energy customer services usually get prompt response, and resolution to their queries.

EDF is a large energy company which provides a range of different services to both domestic and corporate clients. If you need to make an enquiry about opening a new account, are an existing customer with a query about your billing or need to report a service fault, it is important to ensure you get through to the EDF energy departments which are best placed to help. If you’re not sure which department you need, the EDF energy website offers a selection of helpful options which enable you to decide on the correct number to call.

Are You a Commercial or a Residential Customer?
If you look in the Contact section of the website, you will see that there are four main categories for calls; domestic queries, corporate customer care, a dedicated facility for larger corporate clients and an emergency number to use if your suspect gas or electricity is causing a problem. In addition, you can also contact EDF energy using their contact form. Remember that there is plenty of edf-energy-number-ukinformation on the web site, including answers to frequent questions and lots of interesting data about energy saving and usage, much of which can be individually tailored.

Call Centre Menu Options Are Useful

When you contact EDF energy by phone, you will normally be given a number of different options which will direct your call through to the person who is best placed to help. Usually the only information you need will be your account number and contact details, from which the customer service advisor will be able to access your account details. Although the layers of telephone choices can be frustrating, it’s worth waiting to ensure you reach the correct department. Remember that many common transactions, such as paying your bill or submitting a meter reading, can be successfully completed online.

Corporate clients or clients with multiple properties will need to contact the EDF energy departments which deal with commercial queries in order to get their issues resolved. There is also the opportunity to discuss alternative tariffs and consider ways in which your business can save money. Given the importance of the green agenda within many corporate strategic frameworks, contacting the department which can advise on this is often a good way of helping your company become more environmentally aware as well as offering opportunities to use less energy whilst still delivering excellent goods and services.