EE customer service number – 0870 186 5245

The primary way of getting in touch with one of the largest mobile networks in the country, it is always going to be the case that thousands of people need to speak to the EE customer service number. This fact is purely down to the amount of people who are signed up to some form of service (whether it be Pay As You Go, broadband or a contract) with the company. Some would argue that this is rather than people having EE customer service numberany problem with the business as a whole.

The sheer volume of people looking to phone the EE customer service number is more an indication of the company’s enormous success over the past few years. Some would claim that this is an indictment of the quality of their product, but that is not the case. Starting as the merger of the T-Mobile and Orange brands, EE have gone from strength the strength. Their main custom comes from people who need to have super-fast 4G connections on their mobile phones. However, they are slowly becoming one of the most powerful brands in the phone industry – especially given that many people are still signed up to products for the two brands that were sacrificed to create this conglomerate.

All the details on EE can get found through their official website, here: Also, you can get in touch using Twitter and Facebook. Each of these online methods do have their advantages, but nothing really makes up for getting in touch with the EE helpline number team directly through their contact number. If you call through our connection number, we make sure to get you through to what we decree to be the quickest and most effective number for EE general enquiries. However, before you call there are some issues worth raising. Calls cost £0.13 per minute, plus your phone company’s access charge. Check with your provider because access charges vary from company to company, and calls from mobiles may cost considerably more. Our service provides a connection to the main helpline, allowing quick conversations with EE Customer Service to be made, easily.

Why do people need to call the EE customer service number?

As with any company of their size, there can be any number of reasons why people call the EE helpline. They can range from the trivial through to the altogether more serious. Regardless of whatever issue prompts a consumer picking up the phone, their contact number team should be able to deal with the manner in one way or another.

For most general enquiries, the helpline team will either address the matter instantaneously during the course of a call or be able to direct the person ringing to a guide on the EE website. For matters that pertain to billing, complaints or cancellations, they should be able to start an investigation immediately. The customer service team should also detail what next steps a member of the support EE customer serviceteam will be taking to make sure that the issue gets resolved.

As well as these trickier matters, the teams also deal with renewals, upgrades and technical faults among other, smaller matters (with phone top-ups for PAYG customers and broadband problems being two such minor problems). The EE customer service number has been set up in such a way as to allow users to get assistance from a member of the helpline team. The member of staff should have the relevant expertise – meaning dialling is never much of an issue.

Do I need to call the EE customer service number?

One of the advantages of being a ‘new’ company is the fact that EE have had the chance to start from scratch in creating a modern support platform on their website. This policy is widely believed to be among the best around, with e-mail and live chat functionality that rivals any other business around. However, most people still seem to want to deal with their mobile problems by speaking to a member of the helpline team employed by EE in one of their UK call centres. This fact is why so many people still need to speak to the EE customer service number team for one reason or another.