EON contact number – 0870 186 5249

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Eon is one of the leading suppliers of power and gas in the UK. The company is dedicated to providing cleaner, smarter energy trough their innovative methods and technologies. How does Eon produce energy? Currently, most power is produced by gas, coal, biomass and wind. Eon has wind farms all over the UK, both offshore and on land. They eon-phone-numberalso have a wave energy plant in the Orkneys and one of the largest biomass power stations in the UK in Lockerbie, Scotland. Still, they are constantly involved in testing and developing new innovations and always have an ear to the ground for any new developments in the power-supply industry.

Eon also participates in the government’s Green Deal scheme. What is Green Deal? This is a government effort to reduce wastage of energy and carbon emissions, especially by industry. The government provides loans for better insulation or more energy-efficient boilers, for example, and the client pays back the loan via their Eon energy bill.

Are you having problems understanding your energy bill, want to set up a direct debit or wish get your credit balance refunded? Then call Eon’s customer services number for help.

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eon-customer-servicesClients are always looking for answers to their questions: Is there a minimum or maximum volume that I am committed to using? In short – No! Can my energy supply be cut, and why would this happen? Under certain circumstances, including continued non-payment and work or maintenance on the supply line, and of course, if you ask for it to be cut, then your power supply can be interrupted. Will Eon remind me when it is time to renew my contract? Yes, and in good time too! You will find all the numbers you need for quick answers to your questions right here in this directory.

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