Amazon crowdsources to compete with Netflix

In the ever evolving world of consumable media we are changing our habits in the way that we all watch and listen to television, film and music. Customers are calling into high street stores less and less at the moment as our lives become ever busier. Amazon have made huge strides in supplying non-physical media to their customers over the years. Their acquisition of LoveFilm some years ago gave them a valuable foothold in the streaming rental market and their mp3 service is still extremely strong.

Not surprisingly, given their success via exploitation of the ease of e-commerce, the Amazon phone lines are flooded with spur-of-the-moment complaints and enquiries, and consequently, Amazon are trying to offload callers by the thousand into the realms of web-based FAQs and support tickets.

Crowdsourcing new shows

These days’ customers live in a world where we all want something instantly. ‘Binge viewing’ has become the new weekend activity and the ability to get a TV box set at the drop of a hat is something we as customers now expect from an online service. With LoveFilm, Amazon have given their customer base access to the biggest films on demand as well as the biggest television shows from all over the world, but as pressure grows to provide a service that is unique. With the launch of Netflix inside the past year, Amazon came up against some still competition with a recognised brand name. This competition was also pioneering in the industry by delivering something that none of the other services had done in the past. Original content.

The X-Files and The After creator, Chris Carter

Chris Carter – creator of The X-Files and The After

Netflix has produced the award winning House of Cards which is about to launch into its second series and this new way of series commissioning has become the hottest way of getting a new show to air without the backing of one of the major networks. Amazon have realised that this is a huge segment of the market and of course want to make sure that their customers are getting the same level of service that is being provided by their rivals. They have recently commissioned a round of 20 separate pilots for a variety of TV shows ranging from kids TV to all out horror. Amazon will then be letting you, the customer make the call on exactly which ones get a full series order and the financial backing of the retail giant.

Amongst this raft of new content is the new series from The X-Files creator Chris Carter, The After. A post-apocalyptic tale of eight strangers brought together due to some bizarre events on one fateful night where the entire planet is plunged into chaos. The show is typical Chris Carter fare with alien intrigue, a connection between the characters, action, suspense and more. Out of the 20 shows commissioned this has looked like the one with the most promise and has been gaining heavy support from customers online.

With our viewing habits changing and Amazon attempting to re-establish itself in the online video on demand marketplace, starting with an innovative way of delivering new content is a brilliant way to insert yourselves in the customers mind. Once they have viewed the on demand services via Amazon, then the customer could follow up by purchasing more from the main Amazon store. This is where they differ from Netflix. A fully fledged service not just new content, but maybe a new toaster too.

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