An Overview of the Xbox

The mass success of the Xbox 360 across the world firmly put Microsoft in the driving seat of the current generation console race. Widely regarded as a superior console to the PS3, the Xbox 360 won the gamers hearts with huge original games such as the Halo series, the first option on Grand Theft Auto’s downloadable content (DLC) and of course the far superior online service Xbox Live. Xbox gamers have been treated to some serious quality over the years. Now the next generation has taken its first step into the market and the Xbox One is being placed as THE entertainment hub for your living room.

The Xbox has always been intended as more than just a gaming system and the Xbox One has taken this concept to a new level. You will have seen in the advertisements already that Microsoft want the Xbox One to be your go to device for everything. So when you get home from that hard day at work, sit on the couch and shout “XBOX ON” via your Kinect 2, its getting you ready not just for a night of gaming but much more. If you need to call the XBOX contact number about any of this, call today.

Xbox One’s dashboard is where all the action happens, when you get on there you have the option to play your game, browse the Xbox Marketplace for content or do many more things. Over the years the dashboard has developed almost into a pseudo version on Windows and the Windows 8 tiled view dominates the dashboard. Here you can get online with Internet Explorer, head on to Xbox Live, watch a movie that you’ve downloaded (“XBOX WATCH STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS”) or get your live TV, just connect that set top box and your game controller is your TV remote. Xbox have also added integrated Skype into the setup to make phone calls and these can be done at any time with the multitasking gestures. Everything is personalised down to your tastes and your Xbox shows that it really wants to be your best friend.

One of the many complaints though has been the amount of updates and issues people find and Xbox have announced a hard date for their next major update, Feb 11th 2014. This is when new features will be added allowing your Xbox usage to be even more natural and essential.

In the update next week there’ll be:

  • The ability to manage your storage space. The directory structure is being rewritten and Xbox have now allowed you to be more savvy with how your console is run,
  • The ability to use your USB keyboard on the Xbox will be active as you now get the chance to use the system as more of a computer as well as just a games console
  • Battery power indicator is coming back. No more checking on that pesky flashing X button on your Xbox pad.

This is a good start, but the consumer wants more. Yes you can mirror your TV through the console, but when well packages be released? Xbox and Sky working together? Xbox and Virgin teaming up? Will one win out to provide cheaper or more exclusive content? There are already apps for Lovefilm and Netflix and you can download or stream everything here, but the addition of Sky Movies/Sports would turn the Xbox into more of a powerhouse and finally the wireless bridging between the Xbox and your PC/laptop needs to be improved. Access to all your content will turn this into a real powerhouse home entertainment system. Xbox ON.

Xbox future releases

Gamers salivate of the biggest upcoming releases and the Xbox One has some big releases on the horizon. So if you’re looking for that perfect present or you just can’t wait to hear when that hotly anticipated game is out on the Xbox, let me help.

Titanfall – March 14

The first huge exclusive game to Xbox. Human piloted robots smashing each other up. It’ll be like Pacific Rim, but better on the Xbox one. Who wouldn’t want to control a 24 foot virtual robot in a war torn future? Exactly. Out on the Xbox One in March

Watch Dogs – April

THE Most anticipated Xbox game in a long time. Shown off nearly 18 months ago, this in depth hacking adventure lets you mess with everything and everyone as you go on a person mission to take down the Man. An Xbox essential and one destined for Xbox classics.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 – Summer

The tie in to the no doubt hit movie of the summer Giving you the chance to look at New York through Spidey’s eyes in glorious HD on your Xbox. Fight Electro, Rhino and more in the summer.

Halo (Xbox One edition) – Summer

The game that sold a million Xbox’s is coming to the Xbox One later this year and will no dount sell a million more and get gamers really giddy about the latest entry in the story of Master Chief on the Xbox One.

RUMOURED – Grand Theft Auto V

Xbox has already seen the 360 version and strong runours are floating that an Xbox One version is on the way. You know the game by now. It will be ace, but will it convince you to buy a new Xbox One?

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