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Though the number of catalogue retailers has died down in recent years, it appears that Britain is still in love with Argos. A fixture of the high street, it means that complaints about the store are quite common, even if only for the number of customers that they deal with from day to day. Like all companies of their size, they do have huge call centres that are trained to deal with queries of all natures, and will be dealt with in a manner that should be both fast and efficient.

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One of the main problems that people have is that of poor customer service. Obviously, given the nature of their business, Argos place quite a high premium on making sure that they customer is always right – people have a lot of trust in the business. Though it is largely based around people picking out items such as electronics (Argos own the Alba and Bush electronic brands) and Jewellery (Argos own Elizabeth Duke) as well as children’s toys (Chad Valley is another brand owned by Argos), how workers interact with customers is of the utmost importance, and any problem that you have had in that regard will be dealt with very seriously.


How to contact the Argos Customer Service number

Telephoning the Argos call centre should be a simple process. Many people simply end up with faulty goods, and require a refund for their products. Sometimes, the staff in-store are simply unable to authorise such things, and will be unable to give you your money back. Though most of their appliances are perfectly fine, there are some instances in which compensation is in order, and the first step in getting that is to contact the Argos customer helpline.

As a business, they are accustomed to people having issues with their products. They are also used to people not being happy with the level of customer service they have received. Though staff in their many UK shops and stores may try to rectify the situation, sometimes the problem needs to be escalated. By phoning Argos, your issue is more likely to be dealt with, and they are more likely to help. There is also the added matter than calls to the Argos customer care line are more likely to be passed on to their head office in a way that local stores are unlikely to do.

Argos are very sensitive to their problems being unveiled to the media, and – like any company – will do their best to avoid legal action. Fault appliances and goods are a big problem, and complaints about them make up a high number of the calls made to their customer service line. Though they started out with a simple catalogue service, they have recently moved into selling online too, with problems for being another of the key complaints call centre operatives have to deal with. Regardless of which arm of the company you purchased your product from, telephoning Argos customer services is the best way to go about complaining.

How can I go about getting a refund from Argos?

Obviously, any company is hesitant to cut into their profits by offering endless refunds to any customer unhappy with a product that they have bought, but Argos are desperate to keep your custom. Since the decline of Littlewoods, Index – and indeed, the wider catalogue market – Argos have been fighting an uphill battle to maintain high numbers of customers to their stores. It is partly for this reason that they branched out into However, in that realm they have to compete with the likes of Amazon for customers, and knowing that a poor customer service experience could result in you no longer shopping with them, they are more than likely to offer a refund if you are unhappy with a product.

Staff are generally polite, and the number of workers at their call centres is growing by the day. From customer reports, they genuinely seem to care about how customers feel about Argos, and take any sort of complaint very seriously. Though getting compensation on top of a refund is obviously a more difficult issue, it is never going to be the staff in Argos’ UK stores that are able to authorise that. Those at head office like to keep such controversies to a minimum, and it is the chain of command at Argos customer contact that are going to be able to give you your money back, especially when it comes to any products you have purchased from the company having faults or creating problems for you.

Dealing with Argos customer complaints.

With the decline in physical shopping and the growth of online sales, many of the queries that Argos customer complaints line will deal with are to do with and products bought through that arm of the business. For a new generation, it is unlikely that they will have ever even seen an Argos catalogue, and many problems will come from being able to use the website itself, or general queries in stock. Even if your problem is incredibly small, the staff at Argos customer helpline will be able to offer a speedy resolution, and give you total peace of mind.

One of the main queries that people phoning up the number have is how to get a job with Argos. Obviously, the company employs vast amounts of staff, and any question the call centre get in regards to that are dealt with happily. Obviously, you can go to the customer services desk in store and ask for an application form, though staff at the staff at the call centre are happy to take a break from dealing with complaints and requests for refunds in order to help out a potential future employee.

What kind of complaints do Argos deal with?

The major issue that many have with Argos is that of faulty goods. Obviously, the range of products they sell mean that the number of issues that could arise is vast. Often, it is the manufacturer themselves that should be dealing with the issue – but given that Argos own a variety of the brands in house (Bush, Alba and Chad Valley are among the companies that are owned by Argos), it is sometimes easiest to go directly to Argos. In fact, depending on the nature of the fault, the manufacturer will often point you in the direction of the retailer anyway. Complaining to Argos on this occasion will mean that they at least have a record of a customer who is unhappy with a piece of equipment that they sell, and will at least think about taking it out of future versions of their catalogue and removing it from

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