ASOS appreciates the value of good customer service

ASOS is a UK online retailer specialising in men’s and women’s clothing. They provide a service available on the internet for customers via their website, and have a number of different social media marketing outlets available for the latest trends and fashion tips, as well as serving as a portal for customer service enquiries.

Growth in the company’s shares have doubled in the past year, seeing the current numbers rise and giving it a market value of £5.8 billion. Although ASOS’s advancement in the US and Australian market has seen slow inclination in the past few months, customers are far from neglecting their services, far-reaching into the celebrity sphere and generating business from the likes of First Lady of the United States Michelle Obama to pop starlet Rita Ora.

RitaoraMichelle Obama - ASOS dress
Rita Ora (Left) and Michelle Obama (Right) step out wearing ASOS clothing

Recently, ASOS claimed the title ‘Company of the Decade’ at The Grant Thornton Quoted Company Awards 2014, rivalling against Domino’s Pizza and Entertainment One. I’m sure the ASOS faithful wouldn’t disagree when we say this was a well-deserved win, their knowledge of the latest trends and provision of the most popular items on the high-street serves as a true dedication to their customer’s needs. They saw a rise in sale numbers over the last four months of 2013, cashing in on the biggest trends of the year; oversized coats, slip dresses and the vinyl, PVC and patent leather look.

Of course, in recent years ASOS has been under threat by the rapid growth in online retail services being offered all over the world wide web, with the most recent and notable success in the UK being However, unlike Boohoo, ASOS offers a customer service standardized to a level you would expect from any major fashion retailer with a physical store to walk into. For starters, they offer an ASOS customer service number, which isn’t a necessity to acceptable customer service that other online retailers like Boohoo and Missguided can say they provide.

Boohoo’s lack of Customer Service is certainly causing many a “Boo-Hoo” amongst consumers…

The risk of purchasing online is that the interpersonal experience between customer and supplier is lost. The business exchange gets consumed in the digital world, and you become just another faceless statistic to the complaints and returns department. It surprises me that so many e-retailers don’t provide a customer service centre that at least gives something back to such an impersonal experience by supplying a customer service number on top of the easily-accessible email address.

Using email addresses as a primary source of dealing with customer complaints also makes it difficult to correctly manage heavy traffic flows during busy and high-peak periods such as Christmas and New Year, with typing taking up much more time to complete on both ends, there is a delay in the response, issues and complaints aren’t dealt with in real-time like a telephone call, and customers tend to become very frustrated and deflated, ending the interaction on a low note, feeling that the business supposed to be providing them a ‘service’ just doesn’t care enough to rectify a problem. Customer aftercare is neglected, and chances of a returning purchase are significantly reduced.

Luckily for ASOS customers, this is one company that does care about its dealings, and although things may occasionally go wrong (who doesn’t make mistakes?), they’re at least doing there bit to obtain some damage control over the situation, and hopefully resolve the problem as smoothly as possible; often in one interaction. They provide an ASOS customer service phone number, as well as an email option if it suits you, and a well-managed twitter, Facebook and Instagram account.

Alexander Graham Bell didn’t invent the telephone for the fun of it. Good communication is important – remember that next time you purchase from an online retailer.

ASOS Customer Service Number: 0843 504 0046

ASOS Website:

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