British Gas: Contacting the Customer Service Team

Owned by Centrica, British Gas – trading in Scotland under the name Scottish Gas – are one of the UK’s leading providers of energy. With over 12 million homes subscribed to their service, it is no surprise that they deal with a large volume of complaints and queries in regards to many aspects of their business. One of the most common of which is queries revolving around a customer’s bill. In these cases, it is key that the customer gets in touch with British Gas customer services in order to try and rectify the situation immediately.

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Though they do offer other services – British Gas HomeCare being chief among them – their main business is that of providing electrics and gas to families around Britain. Based around fossil fuels, there have been many complaining about the fact that British Gas do not use enough renewable energy sources, and the amount of calls that their complaints number receives on this is increasing. Indeed, if this is your problem with the company, it is best to let them know, so that they can take it into account for future green energy considerations.


However, many problems arise from the high cost of home energy bills, and with the price of electrics and gas consistently rising over recent years there are many steps that British Gas call centres can suggest in order to try alleviate the strain of energy costs for a household. In fact, this type of query is incredibly common, and phoning the British Gas helpline should provide be swift and provide various resolutions for you to consider.

How to get in touch with British Gas customer service

Phoning British Gas is a relatively straight forward procedure. Their staff are trained in the art of dealing with those complaining, and have a number of tools at their disposal in order to make sure that customers are not unhappy with the level of service provided to them. Refunds and compensation are both key issues that call centres have to deal with, and it is quite common for those ringing up the British Gas number to get a rebate on the bill, especially if there has been some kind of fault along the line.

Of course, given the amount of customers that British Gas – and, indeed, the wider Centrica group – have, it is relatively common for people to be overcharged, and in that case they should be due a rebate from their energy bill. Of course, this may not be an easy thing to achieve, but there is a complaints procedure in place to ensure that those that have been wrong do get a full and proper refund, as well as any compensation for distress caused by the situation.

How can I get a refund from British Gas?

The call centre at British Gas headquarters is trained to deal with calls quickly and efficiently. Obviously, they are not going to give out money for the smallest of faults or problems, and will do all they can to ensure that the customer feels that they have been listened to without actually offering a proper resolution. However, given the amount of competitors that there are out there – E ON, npower and Southern Electric among them – you have more than enough power to wield in any negotiations. If you feel you have just cause to complain, and if there has been an issue with your boiler or electrics, then you are well within your rights to protest.

Getting through to the British Gas Helpline should be easy. They have a large number of employees willing to help you with your problem, whether that is simply a small fault, or a huge claim for a refund due to an error in billing. Given how necessary the services they provide as a company are, they are duty bound to make sure that the electricity and gas reaches you home safely and efficiently, and any deviation in that needs to be reported. Of course, there are a lot of people who need to get in contact with the British Gas customer service number, but the large numbers of helpful staff mean that you are bound to get through to a British call centre at pretty much any time of the day or night.

How to complain to British Gas

Any customer complaining to British Gas about their service needs to remember that the customer is always right. Especially given how vital electricity, gas, central heating and plumbing are to any household and every family, it is their duty to make sure that your energy is faultless. Telephoning the British Gas helpline with even the smallest query lets the company – and the head office – know exactly how customers are using their services, and will allow them to point the company in the correct direction.

Of course, any issue with billing is best to be dealt with straight away. Problems with overcharging can run on for a long time if they’re not rectified straight away, and not dealing with an issue immediately can lead to much more complaining in the future. Staff at the British Gas call centre (and, indeed, the Scottish Gas and Centrica customer service numbers) can act quickly and decisively to nip these problems in the bud, and to make sure you don’t incur additional bank charges and are refunded as soon as possible.

British Gas helplines can deal with much smaller, more mundane issues, too. If you are needing to simply pay off a bill, or need to inquire about a charge, then it is best to phone one of their UK call centres. Though the British Gas website does offer solutions numbering in the hundreds, it is best to start by phoning up a trained operative who can deal with your own personal query and ensure that your energy bill is correct. The staff are known to be friendly, polite, and to offer the highest quality in customer service when you telephone them.

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