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Getting the best out of your sports TV package.

This Premier League season the game was changed and with the introduction of BT Sport and their aggressive claiming a chuck of the Premier League TV rights along with swallowing up another load of other sports previously been screened on their competitors, pay TV sports was becoming a far different landscape than what we have all be used to.

When BT Sport claimed the rights to the Premier League games package previously screened on ESPN, (which BT Sport also acquired) a ripple was felt through the pay TV industry. BT Sport had their channels available via their own TV service, but not currently on the others. If you’re new to BT Sport then you’ll be able to receive it if you have BT broadband for free and if you want it on your TV you’ll be able to subscribe separately much like you can with Sky Sports packages on both Sky and Virgin Media platforms.

BT have had a clear strategy with their sports channels and picking up the Premier League package was just the first step. Since then BT have gone on to acquire rights to show the NBA basketball live in the UK along with Bundesliga football from Germany (a deal that has just been extended through 2017). The channel also shows Heineken Cup rugby and many other sports too.

Getting what’s right for you

Choosing your pay TV package for sport is going to be even more difficult now and especially going forward too. With BT aggressively negotiating over which games they can screen next season along with their collection of former Sky exclusives, Sky Sports have taken it up on themselves to become aggressive themselves and freeze BT Sport out of the premium games for the Premiership run in. Using their first choice clause in their package, Sky have selected 17 key Barclays Premier League fixtures for the run in starting in April including Liverpool v Manchester City, Everton v Arsenal, Manchester City v West Brom and Liverpool v Chelsea. BT Sport however only have three games to show and the only top four side in those fixtures is Manchester City as they play Southampton at the Etihad.

New deal

If you’re looking to commit to a new pay TV sports package then this is probably the best time. With the exciting run in of the Premier League season, F1 and much more its never been better to be a sports fan and you need to consider exactly what you want to watch. For top pick Premier League games then Sky Sports will have the best fixtures but when the packages come up for renewal, who’s to say that BT Sport won’t continue their aggressive strategy and go for the main package that Sky have? BT Sport does offer many different things for the football fan too as they also managed to get the rights to the FA Cup this year too along with ITV. They also carry the French Ligue 1 and other sports such as Moto GP, Rugby Union, UFC and more. Sky still have the exclusive live F1 channel and will give motor racing fans excellent coverage. Every race is live along with more in depth coverage. Sky also have the NFL, many of the huge golf tournaments and also the Premier League Darts.

Packages vary and you should be looking to get the exact on that you want. Think about what you watch and what your household will want and then you can move forward selecting you deal. You may even be able to tie your package in with your phone and broadband, you can contact both BT and Sky from this website and their customer service team will help set up your package.

The years ahead for pay TV sport are looking very exciting, BT could potentially overtake Sky as the premier provider and this will change their customer base as well as Sky’s. Choices are coming and the customers best interests will be at heart.

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