CarPlay: Apple’s new in-car technology

As we drive ever forward at break-neck speed into the future of digital advancement, Apple have revealed new technology ‘CarPlay’ at the Geneva Motor Show. An interface that allows more compatibility between two essential items in most peoples lives in the digital age; their car and their smartphone.

Volvo Apple CarPlay

What is it?

CarPlay allows users to plug their iPhone’s into their cars so drivers will be able to finally utilize their devices features on the road all within the legal limits. You will be able to useful apps like Maps, sending and receiving texts, make a phone call and listen to music all in a hands-free way that allows you to safely multi-task whilst on the road.

For years speculative ideas have flown every which way regarding on how to tackle the biggest technological battlefield at hand; unifying your phone system with your car system. Almost all the big-named automobile brands have created some sort of system of this kind in their later models, but with the quick turn around of advancements

with mobile phone devices and the longer life-span of the average car, developers have been faced with the problem of a sell-by date on their systems.

Who can use it?

Whilst CarPlay bridges a gap between the inconvenience of not being able to fully utilize your phone in your car, it is not an in-car system that runs iOS or it’s respective apps, but rather a system that assimilates iPhone Apps with your digital car system. Therefore, there’s going to be a limited amount of companies churning out car models that have a built-in system compatible with the Apps system.

Apple CarPlay

So of course this is good news for you if you’re planning to purchase a new car from any of the big-name manufacturers in the near future, or if you’re enticed enough by this latest Apple brainchild to swap what you already have for a newer model. For those that are quite happy with what they’ve got, it’s going to another couple of years at least before you can indulge in the “new”, and by then it’ll probably be old.


And there are, as always, a few eligibility rules to CarPlay that your iPhone must adhere to. For starters, it’ll only run on iOS 7 (or above, when the time comes) and must be either an iPhone 5, 5s or 5c. We assume that future iPhone models will come prepared.

This, however, doesn’t stop the opportunity for Apple once again to set the bar high for other software systems, and the potential of drastically altering the face of the mobile ecosystem.

How can I use it?

Here are a few key ways you can control CarPlay to suit you and your car’s layout:

  1. Good old fashioned buttons – Not so far in the future are we that we have completely forgotten about the paramount functionality of buttons, switches and knobs. You can use them alongside Siri and Touchescreen options (if available) and can skip tracks, pause, play and stop as usual.
  2. Siri – Since the re-branding of voice control, Siri has become a popular feature on the iPhone since the 4s on-wards. Of course, Siri will play a part in CarPlay, in all it’s equally useful and sarcastic glory
  3. Touchscreen – Some car models will come with a touchscreen feature with a smooth interface that will make CarPlay even easier to operate.

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