Crossing the streams – Is Now TV right for me?

Streaming TV services are becoming the choice way of getting your movies and box sets of TV shows. As a customer right now it’s a great time to be looking to invest in a new service as their rivals are really competing with each other for your money. Apple TV, Blinkbox, Netflix, LoveFilm and Now TV all want a piece of that streaming subscription pie offering a number of new features and exclusives, but which one is best for you? Well it all depends on what you’re going to look for and what your viewing preferences are and how you want to set up in your home.

The contenders

Now TV

Now TV is the big new contender on the market. Offering customers a piece of the heavily priced Sky subscription services on a more ad-hoc basis instead of an annual contract. Customers can pick and choose what they add to their Now TV package and this gives a lot of flexibility, but it does come with a price. Even though you will get the exclusivity on a number of Hollywood blockbusters with the service here, the monthly packages can mount up in cost. £8.99 a month will get you a pass for the movie channels that Sky have to offer, but if you get this every month along with everything else you may as well just buy Sky. The sports pass is a lot more expensive. £9.99 a day which if you want several events will really begin to punch a hole in your wallet. The service you’ll get here is great, just very, very costly.

Apple TV

Apple TV  actually combines a few of these services together. Integrated into the platform are Now TV’s sport platform and also Netflix’s full streaming service. Along with this you’ll be able to set up more of a custom view as your other Apple products are brought into the mix. You can stream your photo and music library on here and of course Apple will encourage and direct you to buy direct from them when it comes to new movies and TV. If you’re looking at a lightweight service which looks pretty cool, then this is the one for you.


Netflix has really been building itself a serious reputation as of late by funding and creating the award winning House of Cards which has just launched its second season on the Netflix platform. Netflix is building its reputation on ‘binge viewing’. Allowing customers to access a service where they can access a huge number of TV box sets which can be ploughed through in marathon sessions over weekends or in the evenings. Aside from the large amount of TV shows they have on the platform, their film selection is nowhere near as comprehensive as its American counterpart. Across the pond, Netflix has no real competition so it can almost corner the market, in the UK though a number of exclusivity deals have been given to the likes of LoveFilm, Sky (Now TV) etc and this is where Netflix struggles.


BlinkBox is Tesco’s offering into the market and is pretty much a basic film streaming service. The differences between this and the others though is that BlinkBox is kind of like a discount version of iTunes. Not only does it allow you to rent the films or shows, but also buy them too. They have one other major advantage over Now TV and the rest though. Blinkbox has a much vaster library of films as compared to the others. Finding that random 1985 film with Emilo Estevez is a lot more likely here.


LoveFilm (Now Amazon Prime Video) is the service that’s been around the longest and have built themselves a very loyal customer base along the way. Still retaining their physical DVD rental arm along with the streaming service, LoveFilm are still making huge strides in the market. If you want a good selection of films (better than Netflix) and some TV (not as good a selection as Netflix) then this is for you. Plus you can still get DVD’s sent to your house. Remember those?

If you want to find out more about Now TV and get your box you can contact the Sky customer service team on this number: 0843 506 9372

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