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The video gaming world is in a real state of excitement at the moment. Over the past six months we have seen one of the biggest game releases ever in Grand Theft Auto V and also huge spikes in sales of huge games such as Fifa, Call of Duty: Ghosts and many others. Coupled with the release of the next generation of consoles in the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, the marketplace has never looked healthier. That almost wasn’t the case as in the past year, the UK’s biggest dedicated games retailer was threatened with closure.

Game stores across the country were threatened with closure as the group fell into administration. Facing stiff competition for customers in a crowded marketplace and one in which supermarkets could heavily discount products, Game struggled to keep the foothold that it had established. Customers are always on the lookout for a bargain and a little while ago the best deals of video games were available everywhere else but Game.

The video game customer has always been a fickle one and after Game stores across the UK were rescued from administration they have seen a resurgence in customer confidence. All this coupled with the key titles and new consoles being released, video game retail has never been healthier.  Game stores across the UK had their strongest performance in many years over the Christmas period. The services that Game UK can now offer have changed in line with the changes in the gaming market too.

Changing face of video gaming

As the level boss in many games changes throughout to make him tougher, the games retail industry has evolved too and the way in which a customer can consume games is rapidly changing.  Many more customers are taking to downloading services such as Steam or the online market places via Xbox or Sony PlayStation. Game are now providing their customers with access to these download sites via their own website. Being able to service solely online customers helps them corner the market even more.

Along with their downloadable codes for buying games, customers can still buy a huge number of physical games. Anything that you’d see in a store is available on online for similar prices and that gives the customer another outlet to get their product If you are being a savvy shopper, its always best to call in store and see if there is a bargain that can be found instead of having to wait for an online deliver. In store service across Game’s large number of UK stores has advanced too with a disc repair service being added. Many gamers now would like to protect their investment and this new service will give them extra peace of mind. Calling into your local Game store you’ll probably find a host of new offers on display, you can always telephone ahead to sort out your pre-order, check stock or find out more.

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