Happy Birthday Amazon – 20 years at the top

This year one of the most recognisable retailers never to appear on the high street celebrates a landmark birthday. 20 years ago, Jeff Bezos created Amazon, the web based retailer as an online bookstore and since then has shifted the business into a retailer of everything from electronics to protein powder and along the way expanded the business model to include a number of other services including streaming films, e-book readers and mp3’s. This is also the year in which Amazon gets itself a special 20th birthday present in being named as the company with the best customer service in the country.


Research conducted by the Institute of Customer Service ranked Amazon UK at the top of their service satisfaction charts in a poll of 181 of the UK’s best known companies.  Despite selling such a high volume of merchandise and also being responsible for the customer-to-customer eBay competitor, Amazon marketplace, the team have retained an incredible satisfactory service level to customers across the country.

Despite the high demands, standards remain even higher

With more and more customers using Amazon’s different services, especially around peak periods such as Christmas their level of service and ability to fulfil orders was paramount. Over the last retail quarter of 2013, customer satisfaction dropped when asked about the level and quality of service they received from retailers. With Amazon being one of the most heavily used online stores in the UK, their level of customer service had to be excellent. A test which they passed with flying colours.

Fulfilling orders all across one of the busiest periods of the year and being able to keep in constant contact with their extensive customer base is a huge asset to any company and one which has increased the numbers of people shopping on the site. This has also been aided by Amazon Prime.

Despite winning an award like this, doing a quick search online will obviously bring up the horror stories from some customers about the service that they received, but for all the bad, they is a larger number of good stories. One which sticks out was when in 2012, a customer had bought a PlayStation console from Amazon for their sons Christmas present. Despite Amazon fulfilling the order and having it delivered on time, the delivery firm decided to leave the item on the customer’s doorstep from where it was promptly stolen. Even though the item would have shown as delivered on the report from the driver, clearly it was not. Some companies may have treated this as a grey area, but not Amazon, after they pleaded for help, Amazon’s customer service team sent out another PlayStation and furthermore, didn’t charge for the replacement. That is an example of keeping the customer satisfied and making a name for yourself with exceptional service.

Even though Amazon have recently introduced the Mayday button for their Kindle Fire HD customers, that is a different form of service to what someone who’s ordered a toaster will need and that customer servicing arm is flourishing more and more. If there are problems with your order, contact the service team here and there will deal with all your customer needs.

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