LinkedIn – how to get that dream job

Getting that dream job in today’s climate is even tougher than it has been for many years. The employment sector has become increasingly competitive and it’s even more important that you make sure that you stand out from the crowd so that you can be the candidate that gets the job. LinkedIn is a tool that many candidates have been looking at and using for many years and is an extremely professional portal where you can show off what you can do. But there is of course a million and one other users on LinkedIn, all of which are vying for their opportunity to get their dream job too. So how do you stand out from the crowd on the platform of choice for many recruiters? This is a guide to making the most out of your LinkedIn profile.

1. Have a professional profile

One of the most important rules of recruitment is to look professional to any prospective employer and this is no different on LinkedIn. Having a professional looking profile will not only make you look more appealing, but will move you up the queue in front of many others. Make sure that your LinkedIn profile features a respectable photograph. Obviously don’t choose a photo of yourself out on a huge night out with your friends in a complete state. Employers increasingly search out more details about you by searching online profiles like LinkedIn, so make sure that your professional life remains separate from the personal here. Also add to the Headline on your profile. Next to your name you could add your professional qualifications such as BA or BSc. Linkedin contains a tool called Profile Strength. This is a small guide to see how complete your profile is and the more full that circle, the more complete your profile is.

2. Complete your profile

Never leave your LinkedIn profile lacking in data. In order for a prospective employer to see you as their next recruit, you must make sure that all the sections are filled in and your profile isn’t missing any details. Fill out each section and include only the relevant details. Sections on LinkedIn now allow you to add examples of your work linking out to other websites such as Soundcloud for audio and many more. This is a perfect way of showing off what you can do without having to send large files. Also make use of the CV uploader tool that LinkedIn has. This will give the employer something extra to take away.

3. Connect, connect, connect

LinkedIn is all about connections. There are many ways in which you can connect with people. You can do it directly by connecting to them on the site itself and sending a LinkedIn invitation. You can also use the sites tool for importing your contacts from your email, Facebook, Twitter and other networking sites. This may find people working in similar industries who will have LinkedIn connections with people who could become useful for you. Finally the people you may know section of LinkedIn is another amazing place to investigate as again, you may find some people who you know of or know personally who could boost your career. When on LinkedIn, its important that you employ professional and social etiquette so when connecting, don’t spam these connections with lots of messages.

4. Know your career options

As you set up your LinkedIn profile, its important that you know exactly what you want out of your profile. Setting up a LinkedIn page is not just a case of ‘hey look at me, give me a job’. Your profile should be targeted and concise, set to the career that you really want. Being focussed and clear about your career choices will make your LinkedIn profile more appealing.

5. Set out your goals clearly

With your LinkedIn profile make sure that you make it clear exactly what you want out of it and what you can give to an employer. The more defined your goals and achievements, the more desirable your profile is to employers searching on LinkedIn.

6. Join the groups and network

LinkedIn is full of official employer pages and these are the ones you should sign up to immediately. On here you will see all the latest job postings, the latest news and more. Find your career goals and hunt out those who you would like to work for.

Other tips you should follow on LinkedIn are:

  • Having a clean URL, nobody wants to search for a profile with a nonsensical address. Make sure your profile page is clean, professional and easy to find
  • Download the LinkedIn mobile app, then you can check on the move
  • Sign up to LinkedIn premium. This will allow you to see more statistics, see who has visited your profile and much more. You can then target your LinkedIn messages even further.

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