PlayStation Now – They’re ready, are you?

The big new feature for the PS4 is ready to go. Sony have already unveiled one of the biggest draws for new and old customers when it comes to swaying the purchase of a brand new console. Offering up a machine and a number of services that are designed for players as their tagline goes, the Sony is preparing to launch something revolutionary. PlayStation Now is on the way in the summer, the brand new online gaming service acquired from tech company Gaikai is about to change the way we consume our games online.

Access to the past

The new service will allow PlayStation customers to gain access to PlayStation 3 games. The console itself has no physical backward compatibility, but with this new cloud based system, players will be able to download the titles that they used to love on the PlayStation 3 and play them on their next gen console. Despite claiming that the PlayStation Now service is ready to launch and has been through extensive beta testing. Sony have done little to allay customers fears that the service may not come up to the mark when it launches. Not only that, customers have also expressed a fear that not enough of the titles they desire will be available too. A controlled demo from Sony at the recent CES expo has shown off some of the technology and the ability to stream your games to your PS Vita, but has so far kept a lot of the details away from customers. The technology sounds amazing, the games that COULD be offered have an opportunity to appeal heavily to the masses, but will it all hold together? Or will XBOX take the lead?

Playstation Now Dashboard on a PS4

Pressure on customer service?

As with any ambitious new technological advancement, the chances of a lot of teething problems kicking it is extremely high. The PlayStation customer service line is no doubt prepping for this already. There are many faults that  could  be found with the service. If the cloud servers break under the weight of downloads then you have customers without games becoming more and more frustrated. This is going to be the biggest potential problem that they may face.  It’s highly doubtable that there is one single ‘perfect’ streaming service available right now. Even users of say Lovefilm or Netflix occasionally have to tolerate a lower quality stream as their Internet connection drops speeds.

The biggest question here is will PlayStation surprise us? Will they offer their customers a new, unparalleled cloud service that will work first time, every time? Will everything they promise come true? Well we’ve not long to wait. Summer is around the corner and it’s only a matter of time to see if the customer service department will end up receiving a record number of calls on launch day. PlayStation Now? Or PlayStation Delayed!

PlayStation Customer Services – 0843 504 0045

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