Shopping online with a new currency – Amazon coins

Online shopping could be about to change


Traditional shopping seems to becoming a thing of the past as customers are changing their spending habits and adapting the way that they pay for services and products. First PayPal seemed to be the one and only way of executing an online transaction, but now more ways to spend your money online are appearing. With the recent controversy surrounding Bitcoins, virtual currency is very much in the minds of many customers despite them maybe not really understanding exactly what they are. Well if you’re a regular Amazon shopper, you may have seen their latest creation, the Amazon coin, the new way to spend on

A new type of money

As a customer always looking for a great deal, finding out about a discount that you can get exclusively via a website like Amazon for a product or service is going to be attractive to you. Spending on Amazon is pretty simple, select what you want, stick it in the basket, check out and go. All done in a few clicks. Now you can load up a virtual wallet with ‘money’ to spend on certain items before you even hit the website. Currently the Amazon coin is only available to use on products from the Amazon app store, games and in game purchases. Previously only available for Kindle Fire owners, the Amazon coin could rapidly become an exclusive currency for use on the site. Amazon have now made the coin purchases available for users of all Android devices, so if you have a Samsung tablet device and want to buy a new game via the Amazon Appstore you can access that service now and spend your Amazon coin.

Moving away from the use of traditional currency online could see Amazon offer a raft of new services to their customers. Filling up your Amazon wallet with virtual currency, paid for with real money online like everything else on the site, offering out discounts as they do now for buying a certain amount of coins, Amazon could completely revitalise the way they serve their customer base. Instead of traditional discounting of items on the store, they could redistribute those discounts via the Amazon coin wallets and the savings can be passed on in a different way. This is a potentially revolutionary way of selling online.

Amazon Coin Currency

Once Amazon stabilise the coin system, the potential to roll it out site-wide is immense. Give it 12 months and instead of buying the latest Beyoncé album for £9.99, it will be priced up at 900 AC. If Amazon can be the first to do this and completely change their entire store to only take Amazon coins, a change will be coming for the virtual high street.

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