What will we be watching in 2017?

We asked one contributor to take time away from customer service numbers, and talk about their forthcoming televisual highlights for 2017…

After so many extended Christmas soap specials and Christmas shows, not to mention a plethora of eclectic talent on Jools Holland’s annual Hootenanny, I wonder what we will be settling to watch on TV in 2017?

pexels-photo-88737Talk about soaps

Well there is no doubt many of you will be once again, metaphorically, treading the cobbles of Coronation Street, which, incidentally, has just celebrated its 56th year. The village of Emmerdale with its never-ending internecine strife will still draw our attention and, as we all know, there is always something going on in Albert Square. What strikes me most about soap opera is that not only do we see characters develop over decades, we see long-established cast members grow up and grow old. A classic example of that being William Roache, who first stepped into the role of Ken Barlow at the age of 28 in 1960 and who, at 84, still visits the Rovers Return for the odd half of Newton and Ridley’s best. All of the above can be watched with the most basic of subscriptions – call the Sky contact number to find out more.

Chat away about Old Favourites.

Away from the soaps, the old favourites will continue to draw a faithful, albeit much smaller audience – and if you’re part of that, maybe speak to the Virgin Media contact number team. I’m referring to programmes such as University Challenge, which has been on our screens almost as long as Corrie. Mastermind, QI, Question Time, Midsomer Murders and similar fare. I’m sure too that antique based programmes like Bargain Hunt and Dickinson’s Real Deal will continue to be popular with fans when they return for a new season. I particularly like Sarah Beeney’s, Four Rooms, which is about the value of curios, design one-offs and other interesting objects, all pitched by the owners to a panel of four no-nonsense, high-end dealers who must negotiate a price with pexels-photo-30579the seller in secret and without the knowledge of their colleagues.

Speaking about Cookery Shows.

Who was it that pointed out that whilst the British appear to love cookery programmes they don’t do much cooking. It is interesting how, going back as far as Fanny Craddock in the early 1960s, through Delia Smith in the 1980s and including a host of other TV cooks, both past and present, cookery shows that began as practical demonstrations of how to prepare a particular dish, spurned a host off interesting and varied spin-offs. Somewhere along that route a TV executive decided that rather than pay the salaries of expensive presenters and celebrity chefs they would get the Great British public cooking. Masterchef was probably the first example of this and The Great British Bake Off, which the nation has taken to heart, will return for a new series in 2017 on Channel 4, the most recent. I hope too that affable Rick Stein, whose latest offerings combine travel and cookery, puts something new on his viewers’ plates in 2017.

Tune in to TV Drama.

Whatever your taste, 2016 has offered us some excellent dramas and this is set to continue in 2017 – especially if you’re into sport, of which there has been on main new entrant into the market. If you’re interested in picking up the best games in the Premier League in 2017, speak to the BT customer service team about subscribing. Back in the world of normal drama, Versailles, the racy period drama set in the French Court of Louis XIV will return, as will the atmospheric and menacing Peaky Blinders. The A Word, about a family trying to cope with the demands of an autistic son whilst managing everything else life throws at them drew much attention and comment this year and I wait with interest for the new series. In addition, viewers will be treated to a drama based on the life of cockney legend, Dame Barbra Windsor, and Call the Midwife, which holds the record for most watched episode of a TV drama, will also back on our screens. Other offerings include, Forgotten, the cold case murder drama starring the ubiquitous Nicola Walker and Sanjeev Bhaskar, and Scorpion, which is about a set of eccentric geeks fighting against high-level threats to the status quo. If your one of those who shed a tear when the final episode of Downton Abbey was screened earlier this year you might welcome Halcyon, a drama set in a 5 star London hotel in the 1940s against the backdrop of the WWII and the effect it has across all strata of society.

Chorltle to Comedy.

pexels-photo-67654TV comedy has long been responsible for exercising the chuckle muscles of the nation. No doubt we will enjoy watching repeats of many popular shows whilst looking forward to some new offerings. I remember back in the autumn watching a one of pilot for a show called Motherland, about challenges of middle class motherhood. I had heard that a series has been commissioned; I do hope so, Graham Lineham, one of the creators of the cult phenomenon that was Father Ted and creator of The IT Crew directed and co-wrote the pilot. A dramatization of Dawn French’s 2011 novel, A Tiny Bit Marvellous, about a battling mum with two hormonal teenagers and a very laid-back husband will be aired in 2017. Viewers old enough to remember the original 1970s series of Up Pompeii might be pleased to hear that a one-off remake is scheduled to be shown in March to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the birth of Frankie Howerd, the shows original star. Children might be looking forward to Dennis and Gnasher, a CGI version of Dennis’s adventures with his dog, to be aired on CBBS. The zany Harry Hill returns to our screens with his Alien Fun Capsule, and Keith and Paddy’s Picture Show will feature Leigh Francis (once again is the guise of Keith Lemmon) and Paddy McGuiness in a sketch show which parodies their favourite movies. White Gold is brand new comedy set in an Essex Double Glazing Firm in 1983 where all that matters is the next sale, which apparently employees will do anything to secure.

And finally – make that call.

In 2017 I feel certain we shall see more fun and frolics from chat show hosts Jonathon Ross, Graham Norton and Alan Carr, there will be the usual sporting fixtures that the BBC, ITV and Channel 4 have managed to hold on to plus programmes like Newsnight, Andrew Marr and Tonight where dogged interviewers will attempt to hold politicians and other people in the public eye to account. So, whatever your taste, I’m sure there will be plenty for you in the forthcoming TV schedules for 2017. If you’re interested in any of the above shows but don’t have the correct package – phone the relevant company through one of our connect numbers, and you might be able to tune in by the start of the new year.

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