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Are you looking for the Hastings Direct contact number? Phone today and get the assistance that you need from their UK helpline staff. Regardless of your issue, you can get assistance with hastings-direct-contact-numberwhatever matter is bothering you – call today.

There are a number of most viewed documents and best ranked documents according to Hastings Direct FAQ. Some of the most viewed documents include:

• What’s the breakdown phone number?
• What do I need to send in as my proof of no claims discount?
• Can I add drivers to my policy?
• Am I insured to drive another car?
• How do I make a change to my policy?
Some of the best ranked documents include:
• Am I covered for towings?
• Where do I send proof of no claims discount?
hastings-direct-helpline-number• What is the breakdown phone number?
• Am I insured to drive another car?

Besides that, Hastings Direct FAQ has been categorized into my account, staying with Hastings, Joining Hastings, Payment and fees, my policy cover and no claims discount. Other categories include updating my details and leaving Hastings. Under my account, the FAQ covers several questions including how to get proof of no claims discount over the Internet, how to register an account, whether Hastings Direct sends a client’s documents by post, ways on how to print documents from a client’s account and how to change the memorable question and answer among others.

Phoning Hastings Insurance

The joining Hastings section features discussing the details of a client’s quote, whether the company offers discounts on pass plus, whether a client needs road tax before taking a policy and more information on Defaqto, just to mention but a few. The making a claim category explains what happens when it’s a client’s fault that an accident happened, how to make a claim after an accident, definition on total loss and uninsured loss, among other details.

The no claims discount section features information regarding how no claims discounts are affected when a client makes a claim, what is protected under no claims discount, and how to send proof of no claims discount, just to mention a few examples. The updating my details section give information whether the company allows the client to add a temporary driver or riders to the policy, whether the company allows the car to be used for business after the policy has been initiated and how the client can give permission to a third party to speak on behalf of the client.

hastings-direct-phone-numberMy policy cover section features the different policies offered by Hastings Direct, the payment and fees section offers information on how to transact online, what to do when the client is unable to afford his installments and how to change his debit card or bank account details. Staying with Hastings offer information on how to auto renew a policy, when to pay for the renewal and how to contact the company about a renewal. Lastly, leaving Hastings covers how to cancel a policy, whether there are fees included when cancelling a policy and how to deal with an auto renewal when the client already took insurance elsewhere.

Calling the Hastings Direct contact number

Hastings Direct offers different insurance policies including home and car insurance which are the most popular one. The company always keeps their prices low by supplementing their income with an online and phone only policy. This company was founded in 1997 and like most insurers, the company offers three main types of polices including a fire and theft and a comprehensive policy, a third party only cover, and a third party cover. Regarding Hastings Direct comprehensive car insurance, the company offers its packages in terms of Essential, Premier and Standard plans.

Essential is the basic cover and seems to be the favourite for individuals who would like a low premium. Nonetheless, this plan comes with a guaranteed courtesy car, all repairs guaranteed and adjustable policy excess for three years. The car is also covered for fire or theft, accidents and vandalism. Standard cover features all the benefits in the Essential cover in addition to lock replacements, Sat Nav equipment and in-car audio, child’s car or booster seat, and cover for theft of keys.

hastings-direct-claims-numberThe Premium package covers personal accidents up to £5,000, legal protection, windscreen cover, roadside assistance breakdown and medical expenses of up to £500 per individual. Other features include £300 for personal belongings, and up to £250 for travel expenses and hotel accommodation.

Claiming on your Hastings Direct Insurance

The home insurance features three types of insurance including buildings only, contents only insurance and a combination of buildings and content cover. The company also offers a comprehensive cover known as Hasting Premier. The buildings only covers roof, walls, windows, and other internal permanent structures such as fitted kitchens and baths. This insurance cover also features outbuildings.

The content insurance cover looks into possessions for damage as a result of theft or vandalism; explosion, smoke or fire; natural disasters and weather perils; oil and water leaks within the house; and falling trees and moving objects. This package also features accidental damage for TV and computers, replacement of locks in case your keys are stolen as well as new-for-old cover with the exception of household linen and clothing.

Hastings Direct requires its clients to declare items worth over £1,500, which are supposed to be insured separately. There are other optional extra cover that can be included such as items away from home, family legal protection and home emergency cover. However, these additional items come at an additional cost. The company states that individuals who take up the combined buildings and content cover receive a 20 percent discount on their premiums. All claims follow these insurance covers.

hastings-direct-customer-services-numberHastings Direct is a company that is UK based, which has been set up to provide a range of online insurance related products. The company has been in this sector since 1997. It was initially started to sell car insurance in the private market. This range has now been extended to cover home, bike and van insurance. Last year Hastings Direct went past the two million mark for customers. The success of the firm can be put down to simple to understand products plus excellent customer service. The Hastings group is now one of the fastest growing personal insurance providers in the country.

Car insurance

Statistics show that between March 2015 and February 2016, a customer joined every 30 seconds. The initial contact for car insurance will take the form of a quotation. Some of the excellent cover provided for motorists includes a courtesy car that can be used if yours is being repaired, and no loss of your no claims discount if you are involved in an incident with an uninsured driver, or if your car has been vandalised. Other features:

  • EU cover
  • Up to £5000 of personal accident cover
  • Windscreen cover
  • Legal expenses cover

Home insurance

You are covered in this type of policy, for building protection, theft of property and damage. The policy permutations in a Hastings Direct Home Insurance policy are very flexible and can be building only, contents only or a combination. New for old is available and so is emergency cover.

Motorbike insurance

hastings-direct-telephone-numberMotorbike insurance with Hastings is flexible and affordable. There is a broad range of cover to suit every budget. Some of the more important features include multi-bike cover, advanced driver discounts, protected no-claims and leathers and helmet cover. Optional extras like personal accident, breakdown and legal protection are also available.

Van Insurance

The van insurance with Hastings Direct is extremely versatile and economical. The company realises how important a van is to your business and if things do go wrong, the claims system is geared for an ultra-fast turnaround. This enables companies to get back to normal as soon as possible. Apart from the standard cover, optional extras such as substitute vehicle and breakdown cover make Hastings Direct a recommended company to get your van insured.

Hastings Direct is an insurance agent based in the UK that offers a range of products for taking out policies on cars, homes, bikes and vans. If you’d like to make a complaint about the service you’ve received from Hastings Direct, the company provides three channels through which to contact them about any issues.

They recommend you get in touch via email, but you can also use their customer complaints number or write to them at the address provided. The statistics for how many complaints Hastings Direct received over the last eight-week period show that the company upheld 62% of complaints for their range of brands, with 92% of complaints resolved over this period.

hastings-direct-cancellation-numberOverall, Hastings Direct say that the number of complaints they receive represents under 1% of their customer base. The brands covered by this complaints service include Hastings Direct, Hastings Premier, Likewise, insureblue and many more. They do their best to resolve matters as quickly as possible, but some complaints may take longer than others to be resolved.

Dealing with Hastings Direct

If you’ve lodged a complaint and it hasn’t been resolved within 48 hours, you’ll receive a letter detailing your case and who is helping to find a solution for your issue at the company. Hastings Direct indicate that they fully investigate complaints within their Customer Relations Department and draw on all the information in their records to get to the heart of the matter.

You should receive a correspondence from Hastings Direct within five working days of the date of your complaint, but to solve your problem you may have to wait as long as four weeks. The company state that they sometimes need more time to fully investigate an issue, and will keep you updated on the timescales for resolving your matter and their position.

It should be noted that if your complaint is related to your insurer and not Hastings Direct, then their customer service channels are your first port of call. Check your policy summary for more details on your insurer. If at the end of all this you’re not satisfied with the outcome of your dispute, you can contact the Financial Ombudsman Service, who specialise in dealing with unresolved financial complaints independently.

Contact Hastings Direct if you have any complaints regarding their service or products.