iTunes contact number – 0870 218 0685

iTunes has long been synonymous with digital music, raising in popularity in line with the iPod and iPhone. Recently it has grown to incorporate films, TV programmes, apps and audiobooks. The itunes-contact-numberiTunes online store has almost every genre, artist or actor you could possibly want to listen to or watch. If you own an iPod, iPhone or an iPad, then you already use iTunes; it is the default media player on all Apple devices.

Many non-Apple users choose to use iTunes as their media player due to the easy access to buying and downloading music and videos. The wide variety of content available means that iTunes can cater for anyone’s collection.

When something goes wrong with the iTunes software, it is often useful to know the iTunes contact number. Any queries or errors can be quickly addressed and corrected. To contact iTunes you should call 0800 048 0408.

Why would you need to contact iTunes customer services?

There are very few more frustrating moments than when you are in the middle of a playlist and your whole iTunes freezes. You solve it, but then a week later it happens again. You re-install iTunes, reload your music, but the same issue happens again and again. The online help is no help, you don’t have the time to waste digging around in online forums and Twitter is full of helpful tips which do nothing.

Calling the iTunes contact number and speaking to one of the iTunes customer services team is the solution. The dedicated team has been trained itunes-phone-numberspecifically in iTunes issues and troubleshooting the regular issues which occur every day. A simple five-minute call can ease the stress of a failing iTunes.

It is important to note that while iTunes is strongly connected with Apple, there is a separation between the Apple help team and the iTunes help team. Contacting the Apple help team will not result in you being able to solve the issues on your iTunes as quickly as contacting iTunes directly.

Ringing the iTunes contact number in the UK? Here are some things to consider.

The customer service team is specifically trained to immediately counter any issues you have experienced. This will vary from missing music to disappearing transactions. When money or credit disappears suddenly and with no apparent reason, it can cause worry and stress. When this does happen there is no relief in writing an email or filling in an online form. Calling and speaking to an iTunes agent will enable you to immediately find the cause of the disappearing money.

itunes-customer-serviceHow to get in contact with iTunes

iTunes has online help available through the iTunes website, but this will not generate an immediate response and could take days to solve your issue.

The iTunes Facebook and Twitter accounts could be a solution to your problem. By posting your issue onto social media, you may get a response from an official iTunes customer support worker, or you could receive help from a well-meaning member of the public.

By calling the iTunes customer support centre you are guaranteed to speak to an iTunes employee who has been specifically trained to solve your problem. The operatives have experience in correcting customers errors over the phone in as short a time as possible.

To contact the iTunes customer support centre you will need to call 0800 048 0408

When to call the iTunes customer service centre

The iTunes customer service centre is mainly open during regular office hours.

Ditunes-telephone-numberuring the week, from Monday until Friday, the centre is open between 08:00-21:00.

During the weekend, on Saturday and Sunday, the centre is open between 09:00-18:00.

If you are trying to contact iTunes outside of these times, the online help can be found on their website:

When an issue or error is reported through the iTunes contact website, you will receive a response within a few days. If the error is a minor one, or you do not plan on using iTunes immediately, then this could be the solution for you. However, if you have registered your issue on the website and it is more urgent, then calling the iTunes customer centre as soon as they are open again, would be advisable.

If you have submitted an online report and not received a response, the iTunes customer service centre would be your next option. Calling and speaking directly to one of the trained iTunes representatives would allow you to have your issue resolved.

When the issue is not a crashing piece of software but is missing money, the problem can cause more than just simply annoyance. The stress and concern of money being stolen or of your bank details being used by a criminal are not going to be solved by entering your details into a website. The customer services centre would be able to immediately research your issue, look into any of your transactions and be able to correct any banking issues that you have. All within the course of a simple phone call.

Contacting iTunes through their customer services centre will allow you to quickly and efficiently address any problems, error or concerns you have over your iTunes software. Using the iTunes contact number, 0800 048 0408, will allow you to talk directly to a trained iTunes representative.