Monzo Bank contact number – 0870 186 5272

Monzo Bank are one of the UK’s first digital mobile-only based bank. There are no physical stores, or physical members of staff to help you with your banking needs, everything is done at the touch of a button.

Monzo Bank started up in 2015, they officially received their banking license in 2016 but with certain restrictions. Monzo Bank are a bank with a difference, and without the need to enter a physical bank it means that you as a customer can interact with your bank no matter where you are in the world.

Officially Monzo Bank cannot release current accounts to the public until 2017, but that doesn’t stop you trying out their Alpha and Beta cards. And because they are online you don’t need to sit through long drawn out discussion with banking members of staff. Just click ‘Go’ and you’re off.

Many customers find themselves contacting Monzo Bank for a number of reasons, many want to find out further information about their future plans, to find out whether their money is secure with a mobile platform and others want to know whether there are bank charges for using their cards abroad, whatever the reason Monzo Bank are on hand to help.

What are Monzo Bank’s contact details?

Monzo Bank has many available online source for contact and as a mobile only bank Monzo have developed an app that can be downloaded through the App Store for iPhones or via Google Play for Android. Not only that but you can access more information about Monzo via their website;

If you have downloaded the Monzo app you can interact with a member of the via the in-app chat. It is here were you will be able to receive instant replies to all of your banking needs.

Monzo Bank are also available through social media and can be contacted through Facebook; and via Twitter; Through both forms of social media Monzo aim to reply to all questions and queries as quickly as possible, with most replies being instant.

Calling the Monzo Bank contact number to get the customer care that you deserve

Whether you are looking to direct message, tweet or post on their wall, Monzo are a bank who aim to put customers first and deal with their issues as professionally and helpful as possible.

As one of the UK’s first digital bank Monzo are also accessible via email;, and the digital team at Monzo aim to reply to all emails within the space of 48hours or sooner.

If emailing and messaging isn’t what you are looking for then Monzo Bank are also contactable directy via phone; 0800 8021 456, or through our connection number of 0870 186 5272. The Monzo Bank contact number is only available for customer support queries, and for everything else there are the social media, email and in-app chat avenues to use.

Speaking to Monzo Bank customer services

Monzo Bank is a bank that is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. That is also the same for the in-app support system. As a mobile banking company they have to be active at all times, but if you are struggling to receive the support that you need then you are also able to write to Monzo Bank; Complaints, 12 Epworth St, London, EC2A 4DL.

Monzo Bank are new to the banking industry and if your issue or complaint still hasn’t be answered to a satisfactory level then you can refer your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service. Complaints of this nature can be dealt with more efficiently and at a higher level, but most customers have found that the in-app support and Monzo Bank contact number have been more than efficient.