myHermes contact number – 0870 218 0671

The door to door collection and delivery service from myHermes is operated through 10,000 local couriers, offering simple, convenient and affordable parcel delivery – a great alternative to myhermes-phone-numberwaiting in the post office queue. For more information about myHermes couriers, please dial today.

The benefits of collection from your door:

  • Delivery UK-wide, generally within three days
  • Collection by courier from your door or dedicated safe place
  • Local couriers have excellent knowledge of the area they work in

Calling myHermes couriers

myHermes couriers are recruited so as to only work in the areas that they live, ensuring that their local knowledge is exemplary. This is a major advantage in many situations, for example if your recipient is not at home but works in the nearby area, myHermes couriers will usually be happy to make a detour to ensure that the customer receives their parcel as soon as possible. This way myhermes-contact-numbereveryone’s happy.

You can request a courier collection up to seven days in advance. What’s more, if you place an order before 10pm, you can select next day collection.

Leading hit rate

myHermes is proud to be the industry leader in first time delivery hit rate. This success rate means your recipient is less likely to have to travel to the sorting office. If they miss the delivery, the courier will attempt to redeliver up to three times.

Multiple parcel sending – call the myHermes contact number

If you send multiple parcels at a time, check out the handy myHermes import function, which will save you time as you can import your orders from platforms and market places including Shopify, Linnworks, ChannelAdvisor, eBay and Amazon. You can also upload CSV files.

Safe place

myhermes-customer-service-numberYour local myHermes courier will generally collect in person from your door, but if you are not able to be present, they can also collect from your nominated safe place. The same goes when sending a parcel – you can ask your recipient to nominate their own safe place which the courier can drop off to if they will not be around. Thanks to an outstanding online tracking service you will know exactly when it has been delivered.

Courier collection in five simple steps

Using myHermes courier collection service is wonderfully simple. Just follow these five easy steps:

  1. Receive a quote for shipping your package using courier collection
  2. Register as you complete the checkout process
  3. Place your order before 10pm if you require next-day collection
  4. Print off your label and stick it on your parcel
  5. Courier will collect on nominated day between 8am and 8pm

Courier Collection Prices

Between 0-1kg£2.48£2.98
Between 1-2kg£3.32£3.98
Between 2-5kg£4.79£5.99
Between 5-10kg£6.15£7.69
Between 10-15kg£8.32£9.98
Signature on delivery£0.83£1.00
Remote area delivery (IM,HS,ZE)£1.67£2.00

myhermes-telephone-numberFor more information about myHermes courier collection service or any other myHermes services, please ring now.

In addition to the courier collection service, myHermes operates ParcelShops, which provide handy places across the UK at which you can drop off your parcels. Your local ParcelShop offers the perfect drop off solution for those moments when you aren’t at home, or when you do not have a safe place to leave your parcels. Extensive opening hours allow you to drop off your parcel on your way to work in the morning, or alternatively later in the evening. Once you have dropped off your parcels at the store, you can use the myHermes online tracking system to track them all the way to their destination.

What is a ParcelShop?

A ParcelShop is a convenient alternative to the myHermes courier collection service. Located in convenience stores across the UK, ParcelShops provide handy places for you to leave your packages if you cannot meet the courier on your doorstop for whatever reason.

How to find your local ParcelShop

On the myHermes homepage, enter your postcode, your recipient’s postcode and your parcel weight into the ‘Get a Quote’ box. On the next page, ensure that the ParcelShop option is selected. Underneath this button, on the right hand side, is a heading saying ‘There are Parcel Lockers and ParcelShops near you’. Clicking this header will bring up a finder map, which will show all the myHermes ParcelShops and lockers in your area. Click on the ParcelShop icon of the outlet of your choice. You will be able to see handy information such as the outlet’s address, opening hours and additional services. You can also find a route from your location to the ParcelShop. If you wish to use this outlet, click ‘Select ParcelShop’ and carry on with the sending process. Simple.

Benefits of using ParcelShop

  • myhermes-numberOpen early until late, making it convenient for you to use
  • Find the outlet closest to you using online finder
  • Perfect if you do not have a safe place

Using a ParcelShop in five simple steps

  1. Get a quote online for shipping your package using myHermes ParcelShop.
  2. Register as you check out online
  3. Print off your PDF label and stick it on your package. Put a copy of the delivery note inside the parcel, just in case your label becomes smudged and unreadable.
  4. Drop the parcel off at your local ParcelShop
  5. Your package should be delivered within two days

You can watch this step by step video to help guide you through the complete ParcelShop process should you so wish.

If you have any questions about the myHermes ParcelShop service, or any other services provided by the company, please do not hesitate to dial myHermes and speak to a customer advisor.

hermes-phone-numberAs well as offering flexible, affordable and convenient delivery solutions for everyday use, myHermes also offers a brilliant business service. Whether you are a mass market seller, or a small boutique store shipping parcels out to a wide range of individual clients, a business account could be the perfect fit for you.

The bottom line is – if you send more than 150 parcels per week, you could be the ideal candidate for a myHermes business account.

Opting for a myHermes business account will give you a range of amazing benefits, helping to save you time whilst also reducing your delivery charges. If you are sending large amounts of parcels week in week out, it makes a lot of sense to set up a business account.

For a quick introduction into business accounts and the benefits that come with them, take a look at the video below. For more information about myHermes business accounts or a chat about whether it’s the right choice for you, get in touch with myHermes. A friendly sales advisor will be more than happy to discuss your options.

Benefits of switching to a myHermes business account

  • Flexible pricing options including Pay As You Go and credit account.
  • Fully scalable, allowing your business to grow with ease. What’s more, the more you ship, the more you save.
  • Industry leading ecommerce platform integration includes link-ups with popular ecommerce platforms. Choose from Amazon, eBay, Linnworks, Shopify, ChannelAdvisor and more.
  • Up-to-date tracking system allows you and your customers to know where your packages are at all time.
  • £50 compensation as standard gives you peace of mind. Excess compensation levels are also available.
  • myhermes-customer-care-numberYour own business account dashboard allows you to manage your account and keep track of orders from one handy hub.
  • Make use of a dedicated account team who will be on hand to rapidly resolve any issues, should they arise.

How myHermes can deliver for YOUR business

The flexibility and convenience offered by myHermes makes it incredibly easy for you and your business to ship parcels, anytime and anyplace. Your parcel will follow these eight simple steps, all the way to a satisfied customer.

Find out more

It’s simple switching to a myHermes business account. To find out more information about the service and discover how it can benefit your business, ring myHermes today.

So, to summarise…

  • Bespoke service to perfectly fit your business needs
  • Costs are kept manageable and affordable as you grow
  • You’ll have the assistance of business-minded account managers
  • Full tracking service allows you to know where your parcel is at all times

Do I qualify?

To find out if you qualify for a business account, call the myHermes phone number today. An advisor will be happy to explain the service in full, its benefits and what kind of customer would best suit an account.