National Insurance contact number – 0870 186 5292

Need to call the National Insurance contact number? Have an issue that only the UK Government’s helpline teams can deal with? Call our connection number today, and speak to a member of the team who are able to help with any kind of query that you have about the National Insurance scheme. Whether you have lost your card, need to make an enquiry about payments, or would simply national-insurance-phone-numberlike to get something else sorted – give the National Insurance phone number a call today. Our number will connect you through to the main National Insurance team, making things as easy as possible for you.

Calling the National Insurance phone number team

A national insurance number is a one of a kind, individual, account number that once allocated to an individual, exclusively belongs to them for the rest of their life. All citizens as well as legal immigrants in the United Kingdom are entitled to a national insurance number on their sixteenth birthday. Having this all important number assures one of the following;

I.That all insurance contributions to the state are logged in correctly against ones’ name and insurance number.

II.That all your taxes are documented as paid by you.

national-insurance-contact-numberIII.It is a reference number that enables one to effectively correspond with national agencies such as Department for work as well as the pension schemes.

Calling the National Insurance contact number and getting the results from their helpline team that you require

All native citizens of the United Kingdom are allocated National insurance numbers on or before their sixteenth birthday. This is their legal right and anyone aged sixteen years old and above, who still has not received their personal account number, must follow up by calling the official National insurance contact number. Legal immigrants from foreign countries can also apply for their personal account number by calling the National insurance phone number which directs them to the appropriate departments’. The ever helpful staff are ready and willing to assist anyone calling their telephone number during the official working hours that are between 8:30 am and 5:00 pm, from Monday to Friday.national-insurance-helpline-number

Anyone entitled either by birth, citizenship or legal immigration, to a National Insurance number by the stipulated age, can apply officially by calling any of the telephone numbers provided for additional advice. Call the official National insurance contact number at anytime during the official working hours for a detailed explanation and assistance on how to go about getting this personal account number. Ensure to have ample documentation to prove your identity which includes any of the following:

• A legitimate UK or overseas passport

• United Kingdom or overseas national identity card

national-insurance-telephone-numberA valid local or foreign driving licence

• Legitimate birth certificate

• Residence card or permit

• Legal marriage certificate

Phone National Insurance in the UK – speak to their helpline team

With any of the above legal documents, one is able to make an official application for a National insurance number to enable them work as an employee or as a self employed individual or to apply for a student loan in case one is a student. The telephone number given by the National insurance organization in the United Kingdom is very efficient and helpful in all matters pertaining to the personal account numbers. Call the National insurance phone number during the official working hour for appropriate and immediate help.