Scottish Gas customer service number – 0870 494 2090

scottish-gas-customer-serviceScottish Gas are one of Scotland’s main providers of gas and electrical services. They offer a wide range of products and services to both the commercial and residential community. Their range of services include the installation of gas meters, Hive smart monitors, boiler and central heating management and services, as well as providing services for landlords to ensure that all gas appliances and boilers are safe to use. They are a brand known to millions – which is why so many people each day need to get in touch with the Scottish Gas customer service number. Thankfully, their British based contact team are able to handle the majority of enquiries that are sent their way, and are known for their approach to support and assistance. The company are, of course, linked to British Gas – but for account purposes, they should be treated entirely differently.

While the phoneline is still the main way through which people get in touch with the company, Scottish Gas do offer alternative ways for consumer to raise their issues with the organisation. Whether people are willing to give up on calling the Scottish Gas customer service contact number in favour of lodging their matters another way is yet to be seen, however. Regardless, the Scottish Gas contact us page offers a variety of different ways that people can make their issue known. These are primarily email support and through the post, but most organisations are now putting live chat functions in place as a standard. One problem with this system that many consumers have noted is the fact that replies are not always timely, and sometimes an urgent matter is still only really manageable by a customer service agent by calling them up over the phone, and speaking directly to them.

Why phone Scottish Gas customer services?

Alternative, the company do also have social media presences. These are not always the best forum for raising matters, though. One potential matter is the fact that you may not want your personal information available for people to view online – nor may you want a personal matter visible on social media. However, there are those who feel comfortable asking questions through the Scottish Gas Twitter and Facebook profiles. We would always advise against giving away personal information like your home address, account number or bank details through any kind of social forum – this should be saved for secure customer service phone calls to the Scottish Gas contact number team.

Our Scottish Gas contact number for general enquiries about their range of services is 0870 218 0691. Below a few of their services will be discussed in further detail, and all of these can be dealt with by calling the Scottish Gas customer services number and speaking to a member of their UK based contact team.

Calling the Scottish Gas contact number about Gas & Electricity

scottish-gas-phone-numberScottish Gas give all of their potential customers a free online quote. This is generated by individuals inputting details such as how they would like to pay, if they want to use gas or electrical services, and how much energy they currently use. If customers decide that they want to use these services after receiving their free online quote, then the process is quick and easy to transfer these services over to Scottish Gas. If a new gas meter is needed to be installed, then this can be done. More information about the installation of new gas meters can be found by calling the Scottish Gas contact number on 0870 218 0691.

Phoning Scottish Gas customer services

The Hive Active heating service allows you to adjust and monitor your home’s heating via a smart device or laptop. This can be done both inside and outside of the home. The temperature of radiators can be adjusted, as can the temperature of hot water. This service provided by Scottish Gas allows customers to save money on their energy bills. To find out more information about Hive and other tips for saving energy in the home, then phone the Scottish Gas contact number.

Hive is an alternative service to Scottish Gas’ core products, but their UK customer service team should still be able to offer assistance. The majority of calls made to the Scottish Gas call centres are to do with things such as billing issues, complaints or fault reporting. This is what their staff are trained to deal with in the most part – but like most call centres, the Scottish gas team are divided by speciality, and your call should always be routed through to the most skilled person at tackling your problem.

Boilers & Central Heating helpline

Scottish Gas provide customers with a range of home services that include; gas boiler installation, gas boiler repairs and boiler maintenance. To gain further information about new or replacement boilers, customers can phone the Scottish Gas contact number.

Boiler and central heating are both, naturally, a massive part of what the Scottish Gas customer service team have to deal with on a daily basis. These are usually the two biggest gas-powered appliances in UK households – and both are renowned for going wrong from time to time. If you have any kind of boiler issue, we would always recommend calling the Scottish Gas customer service number team (as long as your account is with them, rather than anyone else). The same is also true of gas leaks – their staff should help as soon as possible, especially in an emergency situation such as that.

scottish-gas-helplineOther reasons why people call the Scottish Gas telephone number

Landlords have special responsibilities when it comes to the safety and efficient working of gas boilers and appliances in their rental property. Scottish Gas can carry out gas safety checks with an accredited gas safety check certificate, as well as carrying out any necessary repairs. They also offer a comprehensive range of insurance and specifically tailored landlord packages.

Scottish Gas have many diverse heating and electrical services that they can provide to customers. To enquire about any of these services, then please do give them a call. Whether your matter is listed above, or you have another problem that needs resolving (complaints, for example, can be very complicated, especially when it comes to Scottish Gas billing and charges). If you call through our connection number, your call will be directed through to the number that we have deemed most relevant for Scottish Gas helpline calls. Our team monitor this daily – so any changes by the company should be immediately reflected in where we divert the call to. Please beware before you call our number of the following: Calls cost £0.13 per minute, plus your phone company’s access charge. Check with your provider because access charges vary from company to company, and calls from mobiles may cost considerably more. Our service provides a connection to the main helpline, allowing quick conversations with Scottish Gas Customer Service to be made, easily.