Sky Customer Service Number: 0870 218 0691

sky-customer-service-numberGet through directly to Sky Customer Services by calling our dedicated connection number. Our team make sure that all calls made through our connection helpline number get directed through to what we deem to be the best UK Sky customer service number – meaning you can rest assured that your query will be dealt with quickly and effectively. In addition, calling through our number takes away the hassle of trying to scramble through Sky’s website to try and find the relevant helpline number for your query. So, if you’re looking to raise any kind of issue with Sky (whether that is about television, broadband, phone or anything else at all), call their British based team today through our number.

Why call Sky customer service?

Although we would never suggest doing so for any urgent matter, there are other was to raise matters with Sky contact agents. Through our own experience, these are not really suitable for problems that are time sensitive, but can be great if your Sky issue is fairly passive, or just needs looking into. Like most companies, BSKYB have decided to push further into the world of online support. This makes sense for them, as it saves them money on employing extra people (as online operatives can generally deal with more problems per day, and even multiple queries at the same time), and allows for their operatives to be based overseas, where matters of accent and pronunciation are not really problems. So, if you need to ask a simply query, getting in touch with Sky through their contact us page is a very valid option. You will be offered live chat, or e-mail support – either one is fine, and it is largely dependent upon your own person requirements as to which one you choose.

Sky also maintain social media presences, through which some consumers feel comfortable raising issues. This is something that many people – rightfully – are sceptical of. Social media is, by definition, a social forum available to all, which means that anyone can see your personal issues, and you would not be able to give away information such as account number, bank details or home address without your privacy being hugely compromised. However, the same principle as before applies – if you feel okay raising a quick question with the company through the Sky Twitter or Sky Facebook profiles, then feel free. However, for anything urgent or that requires privacy, please call the Sky customer service number, where a member of their UK based team should be able to offer quick, effective and private support for your problem.

Phoning Sky customer service

Upon phoning Sky, you’ll be asked to enter your home phone number in order to help. Sky retrieve all your customer account details and help you in the best way possible without taking too much of the customer service advisor’s time. Inputting your phone number at the start of the call, when requested, helps Sky to understand who you are and where you live. Depending on what your complaint or enquiry is most likely to relate to Sky redirect you to the most appropriate person to manage your enquiry.

sky-phone-numberThe Sky customer service UK team can deal with any matter that you have. Whether you’ve got a simple complaint, or something highly technical, they’ll offer assistance. As with most call centres, the team are split into different specialities so that your question can be quickly assessed and dealt with by an expert in that particular field. Sky Broadband, Sky TV, cancellations, renewals and upgrades are all known to have their own specialist divisions, as do Sky Sports. However, with certain parts of the company – such as the Sky retentions number, who are responsible for giving special offers to customers to keep them with the business – these cannot simply be requested, and are at the discretion of the general enquiry line to direct you through to them.

Visit the Sky website for more information: On there, you can find out all the different divisions – but if you are calling Sky about your account or billing, you likely know which department you would like to speak to anyway. Either way, the UK Sky customer service helpline will offer all the assistance that they can.

Calling Sky customer services through your mobile telephone

If you’re new to using a smartphone, don’t worry about this. There should be a button you can click while in the call to bring up your dial pad from where you can then enter your home phone number as requested. The Sky team are able to assist whether you are calling from a Sky Talk phone line, or you are using another operator to get in touch with the business. Regardless, you need to be aware that calls made to Sky from a mobile phone are likely to cost much more than those done through a landline – so please always check your charges before making a call.

Speaking to Sky customer support agents

We believe that our connection number is the is the best number for Sky general enquiries and complaints. Please be aware, however, of the following: Calls cost £0.13 per minute, plus your phone company’s access charge. Check with your provider because access charges vary from company to company, and calls from mobiles may cost considerably more. Our service provides a connection to the main helpline, allowing quick conversations with Sky Customer Service to be made, easily.

Get through to Sky Customer Services instantly by phoning our number. Regardless of your issue, their British based customer support team should be able to assist you, fast.

Sky Customer Services (Head Office)

Common complaints about Sky

On a daily basis, Sky Customer Services are bombarded with vast quantities of general enquiries, outright complaints and constructive feedback alike. Common complaints include:

  • Sky’s installer damaged my roof – satellite cable installer dislodged roof tiles, causing a leak!
  • Sky’s customer services advisors lies to me – they charged me more than they said they would, and they didn’t refund as quick as they said they would!

Whether your problem is listed above, or you’ve got another matter that needs handling, get in touch with the Sky customer support helpline today. Their dedicated staff will offer the assistance you need, and their contact number staff are known for their high levels of customer service.

Share your Sky helpline experience

If you’ve experienced similar or different problems with Sky, or if you’re a very happy customer, please spare a minute to tell us all about it! Help us to help new customers decide whether to go with Sky Broadband or if they’re better of opting for BT or Virgin Media. Either way, we appreciate your support.