Spark Energy contact number – 0870 186 5228

Spark Energy is a gas and electricity supplier company in the United Kingdom. They focus on each and every tenant as they their very own with a primary purpose of providing them with the best
service at all times. Getting started at Spark Energy is as a simple as visiting their website and requesting a quote for either electricity, gas or a dual fuel package. This information can be found at . Do not forget to indicate if you have already moved in or you are planning to do so as the quotes vary. This article is tailored to provide additional information on how to contact them through Spark Energy contact number as well other avenues as they will be discussed. Let’s have a look together!

Spark Energy customer service number

Their contact number is 0345 034 7474 and can be used when you have general issues regarding your electricity and gas issues if Spark is your service provider. On this line all questions regarding Spark are answered as well as you can make payments over the phone. The Spark Energy contact number is one of the most efficient helpline in the country where you find the best customer service specialists.
Alternatively, you must not call this number to lodge your complaint you could as well visit their website and fill out the Contact Us form at

Spark Energy Automated Payments and Meter Readings Contact Number

The helpline contact number is vital if you wish to submit your meter readings or pay Spark through their automated service. Amazingly, the lines are open 24 hours a day and seven day a week- simply meant any time! Spark Energy contact number got you covered.

Spark Energy Customer Complaints Contact Number

Customer satisfaction levels will never be the same at any one point. Spark Energy knows that pretty well and hence provides a complaints contact number: 0345 130 8355. Do not sit back and grieve about poor services yet you have aired the, speak out! Let your energy supplier know about your resentments and the responsible people will have you sorted in the quickest way possible because you deserve better service. In the case you are still not satisfied with response, go ahead and make a formal complaint.

Customer Formal Spark Energy Complaints Team Number

A formal complaint can be made by phoning Spark Energy. The support team on this helpline are one of the best humane characters you will ever find in the customer service industry. Ensure they provide you with a complaints case number that you will use for follow up. They take up to a maximum of 24 hours to resolve the matter- if they do in an hour or so don’t hesitate to review, tit for tat!
In the essence the Spark Energy team needs to look further into your issue they do provide a specific contact person who you will deal with directly. A customer relationship manager heads the progress of your issue and they review it in a spun of two to five working days.
Worst case scenario, your issue has not been resolved in eight, yes eight, weeks! What do you do? Get in touch with the energy Ombudsman. They are a perfect solution when it comes to resolving energy issues. Phone them or in the case of text phone do so to 0330 440 1600.
Second option, post a letter to the energy ombudsman at:
Energy Ombudsman,
P.O Box 966,
WA4 9DF.
An email would also resolve this as well. Mail to:

Other Spark Energy contact numbers

Are you smelling gas in your house? Could be a gas leak and immediately phone Spark emergency number 0800 111 999 which is absolutely toll free. At the same time remember to open all your windows and doors and ensure no flames are burning. Do not turn on or off any electric switches.
When making phone calls in the case of electrical emergencies it depends on your demographic location. Here are the numbers as per their demographic match;
East England- 0800783 8838 (UK Power Networks)
East Midlands- 0800 056 8090 (Western Power Distribution)
London area- 0800 028 0247 (UK Power Networks)
Merseyside or North Wales- 0845 272 2424 (SP Energy Networks)
Midlands- 0800 328 1111 ( Western Power Distribution)
North East England- 0800 668 877 (CE Electric)
North West England- 0845 272 2424 (Electricty North West)
Southern Area- 0800 072 7282 (SSE Power)
South East England- 0800 783 8866(UK Networks)
South Wales- 0800 052 0400(Western Power)
South West England- 0800 365 900(Western Power)
Yorkshire area- 0800375675(CE Electric)
South Scotland- 0845 272 7999 (SP Network)
North Scotland- 0800300 999(SSE Power Distribution)

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Quick Tips
Always ensure use of energy bulbs where you can. Second, do not forget to switch them off when you do not need them. While using hot shower, try to use the amount of water you would use in the case you had a basin-seems impossible but you can if you want!