Sports Direct Customer Service Number: 0870 218 0696

sports-direct-customer-service-ball-imageContact Sports Direct customer services on 0870 218 0696 – our dedicated connection number to their UK customer services phone number.

Phoning Sports

The problem that many people have had with Sports Direct is getting touch with their customer services team. Thanks to our dedicated number, you’ll be able to get your complaint heard by their customer relations team and take steps towards resolving your issue. However, given the company’s reputation for low levels of customer service, ti is best that you have all of your facts in order before you pick up the telephone. If you have ordered online, have a complete list of all your transactions and interactions with the company to hand. If you’ve shopped through one of their physical stores, have your receipt and a clear outline of what time and date you went into the store. If you have had poor customer service, try to remember the names of the sales assistant you spoke to, or at least have a description of the person. Sports Direct are notorious for their poor customer relations, so making sure you have your story straight is a key thing to do before you telephone the company.

For further details, visit Sports Direct’s official website – On there you can raise issues to their online support team. They also have Facebook and Twitter profiles, both of which offer some form of support – but these are largely operated as promotional accounts, rather than customer support.

Getting through to Sports Direct’s customer services team

Given the state of the economy, it is no surprise that Sports Direct has thrived and grown. However, their low prices come at a cost – and they have lowered their budgets and increased their profit margins by skimping on their customer services. This policy is why many people have struggled to get in touch with their complaints line over the years, as the company has purposely kept it hidden to keep call volumes low. 0870 218 0696 will get you through to one of their UK operatives, and ensure that your complaint and query gets dealt with in a timely and efficient manner.

Though there are many other contact numbers advertised, these are often the details for the individual, local stores. The phone often simply rings out, or with staff unwilling or unable to offer the help that you require. Getting in contact with their central call centre allows you to get through to the people that may be able to make a difference. That allows you to escalate your complaint to a level where you may be able to resolve your issue.

Sports Direct, scrap zero-hour contracts!

What causes people to complain about Sports Direct?

Though many people are completely happy with the level of service, they receive from Sports Direct and their online arm, The self-proclaimed UK’s number 1 sports retailer – it is a case for many that they are left upset, confused or disgruntled by how the company have dealt with them. As with any other business of their size, this can often simply be a case of a misunderstanding. In some cases, it is something more sinister, or the result of a larger issue that needs to be resolved company-wide.

Many issues at any company – and people in the know would certainly include Sports Direct in with this – are simply dealt with in order of which has had the most amount of complainants. So, if you have any problem of any size, it is always worth getting in touch with any company – and especially with Sports Direct.

Common complaints to Sports Direct include:

  • Poor customer service – As mentioned before, one of the ways in which Sports Direct have become the UK’s best budget sportswear company is by making sure that their customer service is minimal at best. While staff on the shop floor will always endeavour to do their best, they are often limited in the amount of service they can offer due to other demands on their time. Other companies – JD Sports and JJB among them – are known for giving better customer relations. This skimping of the levels of service they offer is one of the many reasons Sports Direct’s growth has been so massive, and they don’t intend to change unless the number of complaints increases
  • Refunds and returns – Though they sell many millions of items every month, it appears that Sports Direct is not too keen on offering returns or refunds for goods already bought from the company. Many have complained online about the stringent small print of their returns policy, and staff in stores have to stick to this by the letter, which means it is best to escalate your complaint. Like any company, Sports Direct is dependent upon customers returning to their stores year after year – and making your issue known to their customer services team should help resolve your issue.
  • Low-quality goods – Given that they are a discount clothing supplier, it can be no surprise that sometimes, the quality of the goods that they sell are sub-par. This policy links into their returns and refunds policy. They are stringent on what they do and do not return to the store. However, the buyers at Sports Direct are far more likely to take action if you have bought an item from them that falls below even the most average of standards.

Sports Direct Head Office number (Shirebrook, Derbyshire)

Been unfortunate few to have come across any of the problems we have mentioned? Do you have another issue entirely, of any size? It always gets advised that you get in touch with Sports Direct’s dedicated customer services number and make sure that those in power at the company are aware of your grievance.

Despite their reputation, Sports Direct’s customer relations team are willing and capable to deal with any number of complaints and will do their best to bring your problem to a satisfactory conclusion.

Reach the Sports Direct Customer Service team on 0870 218 0696. Calls cost £0.13 per minute, plus your phone company’s access charge. Check with your provider because access charges vary from company to company, and calls from mobiles may cost considerably more. Our service provides a connection to the main helpline, allowing quick conversations with Sports Direct Customer Service to be made, easily.

Sports Direct Mailing Address

Sports Direct International plc,
Unit A,
Brook Park East,
NG20 8RY,
United Kingdom

Department Sports DirectContact Number
Customer Service Complaints Helpline0870 218 0696
Press Office Team0207 734 9995
Press Office (Calls From Outside the UK)+44 2077 349 995


Sports Direct Complaints Number & Address is an email address you can use when you are looking to make a complaint if you want to speak with someone direct just phone the Sportsdirect complaints number 0870 218 0696. Alternatively, you could use the social profiles which are listed below.

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