Starling Bank contact number

Starling bank is a registered bank in both England and Wales. The bank’s primary focus is to be in-sync with you to empower you make better decisions with your money. Amazingly the bank works in a really different manner unlike other bank do, you just have to find about it on your own as launch come January 2017. The Starling Bank contact number is expected very soon together with the anticipated launch. Meanwhile, here is a pool of key information you need to know about starling bank while you call them later on. If you need to speak to Starling Bank, you can get in touch with the Starling customer service number team by getting through to them on our connection number once we find one. Unfortunately, at the moment Starling do not have a customer service number available. If you find one, please get in touch.

When did Starling Bank begin operations?

It’s a bank with quite an iconic idea from one Anne Boden back in the 2011. She resigned from her job after travelling the world and realizing she could solve the technological gap in the banking world through Starling bank. It was brought into reality in 2014 and since then they have never looked back are soon coming to your phone.

How do I contact Starling bank?

The bank’s official website recently launched is;

The bank is situated in London, United Kingdom. The physical address is;

4th Floor Norfolk House, 31 St James’s Square, London SW1Y 4JR

They want you to know who they are and where they are heading. They uniquely came up with a Starling Media Center where you can access lots of information that includes;

Speaking inquiries;

Media inquiries;

Newsroom for the latest updates and news;

What products do I expect from Starling?

As unique as it’s being said expect one product, a current account but well-crafted and not just the usual current account. Enroll at the Starling community then your testimony will soon speak up for you.

What can I do with a Starling bank account?

It’s never been the same with Starling because they give you what you dint expect. It entails a combination of a dedicated workforce, intelligent insights and real-time notifications. In addition to that, the confidence that builds when managing your money is more than amazing. The features they put under your control is even more frightening- banking philosophies made into reality. The way you can simply pause your card once it’s gets lost and magically ‘unpause’ it once you find it- just to hint one.

A Starling bank account has a sort code hence you transfer funds, pay bills as well as send money internationally. A debit card is also at your disposal and works with the multitude of ATMs’ all over the globe. More so, in case you got disturbed there is a thoughtful, kind call center agent in the United Kingdom yearning to speak to you.

How can I create a Starling Bank account?

Are you 18 years old and above and currently residing in the UK? If yes, you are good to join the Starling community. They will be registering the very first customer batch come January 2017. Are you ready? Hope you are!

Is information safe with Starling bank?

Courtesy of Starling’s privacy policy; it’s mandatory that all clients’ personal information is private and secure. The bank uses the current data encryption technology hence all your transactions are safe and secure.

How safe is my money?

To begin with, Starling has recently acquired their banking license from the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) and the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). This means that once your money is within the walls of Starling Bank then it’s secured by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). For example, just imagine Starling became insolvent! Everyone would get compensated to a minimum of £75,000. More information about the compensation policy can be found on

Can I work at Starling Bank?

Yes you can. The bank welcomes all persons interested to a start-up environment that means you will must be ready to face challenges that will help build them to what their mission and vision promises.

Named the 15th bank to gain authorization since the new banking reign introduced in 2013, the mobile-only bank is set to absorb its first batch of customers in January 2017. As soon as the launch is formal, an official Starling Bank contact number will be available.