Tax Office contact number – 0870 186 5262

HM Revenue and Customs manages the taxation of individuals, employees and businesses. The ins and outs of completing a tax return, navigating the Value Added Tax (VAT) or figuring out deductions from employee payrolls can be overwhelming, and many people find the need to ask for help. Fortunately the answers to all tax related questions can be found by calling the tax office tax-office-contact-numbercontact number.

Phoning the Tax Office for Individuals

There are several different tax office contact numbers available to individuals and employees. Whether it is a question about applying for a child tax benefit, completing an income tax return for tax credits or navigating the taxation issues around estate inheritance follow the passing away of an elderly relative, much information is available on the tax office website and by calling a specific help line related to the issue at hand. For employees wondering how their income is taxed, as well as self-employed individuals wondering how to manage their own taxes, there are contact numbers to help. There is also a tax office phone number for those applying for sick leave insurance, parental leave benefits and other forms of social insurance.

Phoning the Tax Office for Employers

Managing staff can be tricky, and figuring out how to set up employee payroll deductions as well as how to claim employee expenses are often challenging for business owners. New employers specifically may have questions they need answered. Fortunately there is a tax office phone number just for new employers, as well as a separate contact number for established employers who just tax-office-helpline-numberhave a question in need of an answer or a new situation come up with an employee.

Phoning the Tax Office for Businesses

Businesses and corporations cover a wide range of groups, from large companies and retail chains to groups and clubs to charities, and the tax rules change from group to group. For businesses having trouble with the VAT there is a specific tax office contact number, and there is also a unique number for charities and clubs. For accountants wondering how taxation will interact with the company’s pension schemes, there is also a specific number. Businesses with overseas assets and questions regarding trade, customs and excise taxes also have a unique tax office contact number.

From dealing with enquiries about individual eligibility for tax credits to providing information in answer to complex queries regarding VAT or customs duties, the HMRC (tax office) offers a wide ranging help and information service which covers everything UK individuals, employers and businesses need to know about taxation. The most usual methods for contacting HMRC are through one of the many telephone helplines they offer or electronically. Customers may also visit a local Enquiry Centre if they need face-to-face phone-tax-office-ukassistance. An appointment at the Enquiry Centre can be arranged over the phone if required.

Other ways to contact the Tax Office helpline number team

Individual Tax Enquiries
For individuals who need the assistance from the tax office regarding tax credits, child benefit, or income tax, there are a number of specific phone lines they can ring between 8am and 8pm Monday to Friday or 8am to 4pm on Saturday. The telephone information line for National Insurance provides support between 8am and 5pm Monday to Friday. Opening hours for local Enquiry Centres vary depending on their specific location. Usually you will be given a specific appointment time during your initial phone call with a tax office advisor if you need face-to-face assistance.

Corporate Enquiries and Help for the Self-employed
Self-employed individuals who need help with their tax return or have other tax related queries can contact the tax office between 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday and 8am to 4pm on a Saturday. Corporations and employers can get further assistance on issues such as VAT and Customs and Excise issues between 8am and 6pm Monday to Friday. For tax issues specific to being an employer, a dedicated help line can be reached between 8am and 8pm Monday to Friday and 8am to 4pm on a Saturday. Don’t forget that HMRC also respond to email queries if you prefer to communicate electronically.

tax-office-phone-numberBecause there are so many different areas of taxation, it is important that you know which tax your question relates to, in order to ensure you contact the correct department. If you’re unclear on where you should direct your query, HMRC has plenty of helpful information on their website to help you decide. The waiting time to speak to an advisor varies depending on call levels. The HMRC website indicates that call volumes are generally lower between 8am and 11am, so callers during those hours are often advised more rapidly than those who ring later in the day.

What kind of issues does the Tax Office contact number deal with?

The tax office is set up to help you with your tax and national insurance queries. You can speak to a consultant on the Tax Office Customer Service Advise Line: Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm

tax-office-numberThe tax rate is calculated using various rates and tax bands after the tax-free allowances and allowable expenses are calculated. Please call the Tax Office Customer Service Advise Line to obtain the current rates.

Income Tax is collected in various ways depending on the income type, and if you are classed as: employed, self-employed or unemployed. The categories are as follows: PAYE (which stands for pay as you earn), one-off payments, self assessment, and tax deducted at source (which means tax is deducted at the basic rate from your interest at your bank or building society). If you are in receipt of a private or company pension, then the tax due will be deducted via PAYE by your pension provider or employer. If you are self-employed then you are responsible for paying the tax due yourself, and must file a Self Assessment tax return.

If you find that you are being charged too much tax, then you can easily apply for a reimbursement. Understanding your total taxable income and applicable tax-free allowances and reliefs is very tax-office-uk-numberimportant. As is knowing your tax code for the year that you are calculating is necessary in a number of cases. Please call the Tax Office Customer Service Advise Line to address any queries relating to your personal circumstances.

Working tax credits are available if you meet the following criteria: if you are at least 16 years old, if the income you receive is below a certain threshold, if you work for a specific number of hours each week, and if you are paid for the work that you do. Please call the Tax Office Customer Service Advise Line to find out specific details relating to your personal circumstances.

There is a basic amount which changes periodically. Your income and other circumstances determine whether you would receive more or less than the basic payment. Please call the Tax Office Customer Service Advise Line to find out the current amount payable.