Tesco Customer Service Number: 0870 494 2093

tesco-customer-service-numberCall 0870 494 2093 to contact Tesco’s dedicated customer services team through our connection number. When you get through, you’ll be able to either speak about an issue that has occured in-store, is related to Tesco Direct, pertains to Tesco Mobile or any other kind of Tesco related query. Their UK based contact centre staff will be able to manage almost any question sent their way – and are renowned for providing some of the best support imaginable.

Calling Tesco Customer Service

Being a customer-facing company, Tesco places great emphasis on high-quality customer service. To that end, when you phone Tesco’s customer contact number, they will always be geared towards giving you the best possible treatment in order to retain your custom. Given the amount of stores that they have around the country, it is important that you have very precise details about all aspects of your complaint or query – for instance, having the receipt from your shopping in front of you if you have been overcharged, or known the exact time and date you went into a store if you experienced poor customer service.

As with any call centre, they are keen to ensure that any number of complaints or questions can be dealt with quickly and efficiently, and with the minimum of fuss. For that reason, it is important that you stick to your guns. Many call centres – and Tesco can certainly get included in this – are keen to make sim the customer feel as though they have been listened to, without offering a solution. If you feel you have a valid complaint, don’t let them get you off the phone without coming to a satisfactory solution.

For further details on contacting Tesco, visit their website here: http://www.tesco.com/help/contact/. You can also contact them through their social media presences on Twitter and Facebook. However, we’d recommend that any issue that may have privacy concerns (i.e. where you may have to say an order number, home address or bank details) should be done over the phone. This is generally more secure than any kind of public forum, and may save you a lot of hassle down the line. You should also call the Tesco customer service number if you problem is urgent – as a member of staff will be able to deal with the problem immediately, rather than it landing in an e-mail inbox or being another notification on their social media systems.

Phone Tesco support now

tesco-contact-numberOne of the main issues that many people have with Tesco is the fact that they have a whole host of different numbers for you to get in touch with their customer relations team. In many cases, the number simply gets you through to a local store or supermarket, where a shop worker who has not been trained in the art of customer services will be deployed to try and aid your query a quickjly as possible before going back to working on the shop floor or checkouts. If you call 0870 494 2093, you will get through to Tesco’s main UK call centre, and they will be able to deal with your issue centrally – this is important if you are one of the many complainants that need to have their issue escalated to the highest level, or need to get in touch with Head Office. Though you may see any number of contact details given, 0870 494 2093 is easily the quickest, most helpful way to telephone Tesco.

What kinds of complaints do Tesco customer services receive?

Given the high volume of customers that the supermarket chain have to deal with each week, it can be no surprise that there is a number of consumers who have to get in contact with the Tesco helpline. This situation could be due to a problem with your online Tesco.com order, or simply a matter that you have come across in your local Tesco Express. Regardless, the Tesco Customer services team will be able to bring your issue to a solution that suits all parties.

Given how vital Tesco are to many people’s lives – in some cases, it is the only Supermarket chain nearby. Tesco offers low-cost food, produce and electric items that ASDA, Sainsbury’s and Morrissons are simply unable to do. It is important that you let Tesco know any problems you encounter. In many cases, they simply deal with any given query that gets the most amount of complaints in – and so even the smallest question is worth pursuing to the highest level possible.

Tesco Extra (Altrincham)

Common complaints from Tesco customers

  • Low levels of customer service – Tesco is one of the largest employers anywhere in the UK. Therefore, it is always going to be highly unlikely that every member of Tesco staff manages to attain the high levels that you expect from the company. If the level of service has dipped below what you expect from Tesco, letting them know will help with the employment methods and training styles they use with their staff. That will ultimately result in a better shopping experience for you and other shoppers.
  • Price increases or overcharging – Unfortunately, with the economy in the state that it is, every company is attempting the maximise its profits in order to negate the austerity measures being brought in. One upshot of this that effects everyday people is the increase in costs of your weekly shopping – and, therefore, many people have experienced a higher bill from their shopping than they are used to. If you simply accept this, it is likely that Tesco – and other supermarkets – will simply keep employing these tactics in the future. Similarly, if you feel that you have been overcharged, it is best to take action, otherwise any number of other customers could experience similar problems
  • Jobs with Tesco – Another problem experienced by many – again, thanks to the economic downturn – is that the company are cutting down on the number of staff that they’re employing in stores both new and old. They’re doing this by employing self service checkouts when they would have previously had checkout staff – and the few roles they do have available are getting harder and harder to find. Getting in touch with Tesco customer service through this dedicated number will allow you the direct line to the newest jobs for all Tesco stores.

Tesco Head Office (Cheshunt)

So, if you’ve experienced any problem of any shape or size with Tesco, it is best to get in contact with them immediately, letting them know every detail of what has caused you such issues. Don’t feel bad about it. There are many that experience such problems, and their customer relations team and adept at dealing with all complaints, and will offer you advice on how you can take steps to resolve the matter.

Call the Tesco customers services team on 0870 494 2093. Our number will connect you through to what we deem to be the best Tesco helpline number. Please be aware: Calls cost £0.13 per minute, plus your phone company’s access charge. Check with your provider because access charges vary from company to company, and calls from mobiles may cost considerably more. Our service provides a connection to the main helpline, allowing quick conversations with Tesco Customer Service to be made, easily