TV Licence contact number – 0870 218 0677

Most UK households own a TV and therefore need to pay for a television licence. Even if you use another device such as a tablet pc or a smartphone to watch television, a licence is still required. tv-licence-contact-numberAnyone who is unsure whether they need to pay for a licence should phone the TV Licence contact number for advice. They have a team of friendly staff, who are ready to answer any queries you may have related to buying a TV licence.

Paying for a TV licence through their contact number

There are several different ways to pay for a TV licence and you can phone the TV Licence Phone Number for advice on these. Payment methods include direct debit, credit card or payment card. To find out how to pay and how much, viewers should phone the helpline.

Calling about updating your licence details

Perhaps you need to cancel your existing licence? This could be because you are moving house, especially if moving in with someone else who already pays for a licence, which will cover anyone else in the same property. Alternatively the licence holder may have died, so the next of kin will need to inform the authorities. If you move house it’s important to update your records with the new tv-licence-phone-numberaddress. The TV licence contact number is available for advice in these circumstances.

Lodgers and students living away from home

University students may be unsure whether they need their own TV licence, especially if living in a hall of residence. Usually the licence will cover communal areas only, such as a lounge or meeting room, and this means that individual students will still need a licence if they bring their own TV with them to university, or watch TV on a laptop. Lodgers sharing a house may be exempt if they rent an individual room, but if their accommodation is self-contained, such as an annexe, they may still be liable to pay for a licence.

Second home owners

If you are lucky enough to own a second home, it is possible that you will need to pay for an extra licence to cover this. Find out from the TV licence helpline or you risk breaking the law and may tv-licence-customer-service-numberface a heavy fine. Make a note of the TV Licence contact number for the future. You never know when you might need it!

If you own a television, you should definitely have a TV licence as well. A television licence allows you and your family to use a television set as well as DVD recorder and video in your home. But who exactly needs a licence and where can you get one? The following TV licence FAQs can provide more information.

What you need to know before you call the TV licence contact number

Who should get a TV licence?
You probably do not know this but anyone who owns a television set and uses it to watch and/or record programmes shown on TV needs a licence. You also need a TV licence if you own any television receiving equipment such as a set-top box, a DVD or video recorder, games console, laptop and computer. However, if you have a TV that does not receive television programmes and that you use for purposes of close circuit monitoring or as a computer monitor, you do not actually need a licence.

How much does a TV licence cost?
tv-licence-telephone-numberThere are different licences for black and white and color television sets. It is important to note that a licence for a black and white television costs more than a licence for a colored television or video recorder. However, there is what is referred to as concessionary rates. That is, you are entitled to reduced rates on your licence if you are over the age of 75, you are blind or partially sighted or if you live in a sheltered accommodation or care home.

How do you buy a television licence?
You will need to buy a television licence soon after you buy a video recorder, television set or DVD. You can either write or call the TV licencing and request for the application form. It is important to remember that until you get the licence, you will not be covered. Your licence is valid for a year from the date of issue after which you have to apply for a renewal. You can also apply for a tv licence online.

How do you renew your TV licence?
You should renew your TV licence once it expires. It is possible to apply for a renewal several months in advance. Usually, the TV licencing company will send you a reminder when your licence is about to expire. However, it is your responsibility to ensure your licence is renewed on time.

What if you do not have a licence?
It is illegal to own a television set and use it to watch and record television programmes without a licence. You could be arrested and prosecuted.
For more details on television licences and where to get one, you should call your local TV licensing office using their contact number.

tv-licensing-numberThere comes a time when the only option remaining is to make complaint about a company, and TV Licensing is no exception. It can be difficult to know where to turn when there is a need to complain about the service, and what avenues to take to ensure your voice gets fully heard. This is when you should use the TV Licence complaints number.Complaints Number

There are various options available when interested in making a formal complaint to the TV Licensing department. And by far the most convenient and most viable option available is to speak to a real person over the telephone via the complaints number. This allows the customer a chance to thoroughly explain the problem, as well as allowing the customer service department the ability to resolve the incident in the utmost of haste.

Common Issues that can be resolved by phoning TV Licence

There are various reasons why it is pertinent to make a complaint. The following are various examples of common types of complaints issued to the TV Licensing department. Harassment is the number one cause of complaints to TV Licensing, and therefore, a very serious and valid reason to contact the complaints phone number as soon as possible. Forms of harassment can include threatening letters or phone calls, or even from visiting officers repeatedly requesting entrance to a property even though a declaration has been made which informs that no licence is required. In tv-licence-helplinesuch cases like this, it’s just not acceptable to sit by idly.

When applying for a refund, amending a TV licence start date, and even cancelling or transferring a license from one address to another, TV Licensing can be rather sluggish in dealing with even the most simple requests. It’s a very common complaint and it’s just not acceptable, but by taking action, it could be just the cure to speed up the process.

It may be that there hasn’t been any problem with the service at all, but with one of the call centre staff itself. In this instance, contact the complaints department and inform them of the rogue staff member so that they can be disciplined accordingly. If the quality of the service isn’t up to standard and the charges are too expensive using the customer service contact number can also allow your opinion to be heard. Whatever the reasons are, if there is the need to make a complaint, begin by using the TV Licence complaints number to get in contact with the relevant department immediately.