Utility Warehouse customer service number – 0870 494 2073

utility-warehouse-customer-service-numberUtility Warehouse is a UK leading provider of utility services that includes home phone and broadband services, mobile phones and gas and electric energy services. Further information on all of these services can be found by calling our Utility Warehouse customer service number, 0843 504 7725 or via email. Below their utility services will be considered in more detail.

Home phone and broadband service – all dealt with by the Utility Warehouse contact number

The home phone service offers free calls to any UK landline during the weekend and evening. Calls that are made to any other Utility Warehouse customer, via landline or mobile are also free of charge. The company’s home phone service costs £16.20 per month.

With regards to their broadband service, this comes with a free wireless router for all of their three broadband packages. They include Standard, Ultra and Ultra Plus. These services cost from £9 for the Standard service through to £19.99 for their Ultra Plus package. To find out more about the Utility Warehouse phone and mobile packages, then you can phone the Utility Warehouse contact number on 0333 777 3 212

Calling the Utility Warehouse customer service number

The company offers a range of mobile phone tariffs that start from as little as £8 per month. This tariff includes 100MB of data and 250 free minutes and unlimited texts. Their most costly mobile phone tariff gives the user up to 6BG of data plus unlimited texts and minutes. This tariff costs £22 per month. There is also the option to purchase a brand new handset on any of the tariffs, for as little as £1 per month. Again, all details can be found over on their website.

Energy services via utility Warehouse’s helpline

utility-warehouse-contact-numberThe gas and electricity service that they provide has four simple tariffs that are easy to access with no exit fees. To find out more about these tariffs then information can be found via the Utility Warehouse contact number 0333 777 3 212.

Part of this utility service also includes a Feed in Service, with various Feed In Tariffs. This basically means that users can get paid for the electricity that they generate themselves. For example with the use of solar panels.

Other reasons people dial Utility Warehouse customer service

Utility Warehouse members are able to access their Cash Back service. This means that members can get money back towards their utility bills when they shop at certain stores, either in person or online. Stores that are part of he scheme include; Sainsbury’s, Argos, B&Q and Marks & Spencer’s.

For further information about any of these services, please visit the Utility Warehouse website or call the Utility Warehouse contact number on 0333 777 3 212.