Virgin Media Customer Service Number: 0870 494 2077

Call 0843 506 9374 for the best-performing Virgin Media customer services operator.

Virgin Media

Upon calling

When you phone Virgin Media’s customer services team, you’ll first be greeted with an automated “Good morning”, and a “Welcome to Virgin Media”. Sweet!

Then you’ll hear:

“To talk to us about your mobile phone, just press zero. For anything else, please hold the line.”

If you hold, you’ll be asked to enter your Virgin phone number, else press zero to enter your account number.

You’ll eventually get through to the right department where you’ll meet a busy but friendly customer services operator. At last, you can quiz them on what’s troubling you, or vent your frustrations if you’ve a complaint to air.

0843 506 9374 is quick and hassle-free

After endless research, it seems that 0843 506 9374 is the best phone number for contacting Virgin Media customer services. That is especially true in terms of waiting times, getting through directly to a real human customer service operator ASAP. You will also be getting the best operators to resolve your query or complaint most efficiently & effectively without a fuss.

Get straight through to Virgin Media customer services by calling 0843 506 9374

Virgin Media HQ

What’s up with Virgin Media?

While there are many satisfied customers with all major broadband service providers, there are also many unhappy customers with everyone one of them, and Virgin Media is no exception to the trend. There is a handful of people who believe that Virgin Media is the worst, a handful who believe they’re the best, and a handful who believe they’re simply no different to BT or Sky!

Common complaints include:

  • Incompetent customer service reps – of course, there’s always the good, the bad and the fugly – this is no different from BT & Sky.
  • Missing TV channels – such as Sky Atlantic, because Virgin doesn’t want to promote the channels of rival Broadband provider Sky. Virgin Media is good for TV though.
  • Broadband speeds are not as advertised – the 120mb and 60mb services drop down to below 10mb during peak times – this gets found throughout the country.

If you’ve experienced similar issues, at least now you know you’re not alone. Whatever your complaint or query, contact Virgin Media at only 5p per minute (from a standard BT landline) on 0843 506 9374.