Wessex Water contact number – 0870 218 0717

Given that there are hundreds of thousands of homes who depend on their services for their home, the Wessex Water contact number is always going to be busy with people phoning for Wessex wessex-water-contact-numberWater contact number one reason or another. As one of the many regional water suppliers, they effectively have a monopoly over their market – but this doesn’t mean that they charge extortionate rates. They are widely perceived to have a good relation with homeowners in their region – something reflected by the fact that the Wessex Water phone number has some of the highest approval ratings of any customer service helpline nationally.

What is Wessex Water?

As with all of the companies that run this aspect of the utilities industry across the UK, Wessex Water are responsible for the entire infrastructure of getting water to and from homes. This includes getting fresh, clean and drinkable water to your taps, through to taking away waste water and sewage. Obviously, this leaves a lot of scope for things to go wrong – which is normally when people call the Wessex Water contact number.

wessex-water-phone-numberGo to the Wessex Water site to see more about the company: http://www.wessexwater.co.uk/

Why do people call the Wessex Water contact number?

There are many things that can prompt someone to pick up the phone to Wessex Water. Normally, it is some sort of urgent matter that needs resolving – this can range from a burst pipe, through to an issue with billing and even matters of complaints. however, their call centre team are also able to manage general enquiries and questions, as well as the administration of accounts that people have with them (such as changes of address). This is true for both businesses and for individuals – who both are serviced by the company. Whatever the issue, the Wessex Water contact number should be able to handle things.