Zara contact number – 0870 186 5233

zara-contact-numberZara is one of the most renowned fashion brands in the world. The international brand is part of Inditex, which is one of the biggest distribution groups in the world. The brand follows a unique business model which covers everything from design to production to distribution to sales. It has an extensive retail network around the globe and is available in Zara standalone shops/outlets as well as malls. The brand offers clothing, shoes, bags and accessories for women, men and children. Its quality products are the reason why the brand has such a large loyal customer base worldwide. Also, the brand is known for its top notch customer service which is readily accessible through the Zara contact number. Both customers as well as non-customers can call up the number to resolve their problems, get answers to their questions and clear their doubts.

Contacting Zara Offices – For individuals

When it comes to reaching out to the customer care, there is always the option of walking into a Zara store and speaking to the staff at the Customer Care Desk or Help Desk. However, this isn’t necessarily a practical option for many, especially for individuals who do not have a Zara store in their locality or vicinity. The easiest way of contacting the company would be to reach out to the zara-phone-numberZara office located in one’s country. Zara has its offices in 71 countries around the globe.

All these countries as well as the office location (city/county/town) and contact details are mentioned on the official website of Zara. Here, one would find the address, telephone number and fax number (if available) of the Zara office. Also, the nature of association of the office with the brand or company is also mentioned, i.e. whether it is a franchise or an affiliate. Thus, calling up at the Zara number of the office located in one’s country would be the fastest and easiest way for an individual to speak to the Zara staff.

Contacting Zara – For Store and Company owners/staff

For stores and company, however, there is a different mode of contacting: the Stores and Company Contact Form. This form is available on the official website of Zara under the ‘Contact Us’ section. The form contains fields such as Name, Surname, Phone number, Email address and Country to capture the contact details of the person in question. zara-customer-service-numberAfter that one has to select one of the four options from the ‘Issue’ drop-down menu: employment, gift card, store customer service and company information. There is a section wherein one can write the message and also a provision for writing the subject, which is basically a 1 line summary of the reason why Zara is being contacted by the store or company person.

After keying in the details in all the boxes/fields, the store or company person has to check the box implying that he/she has read and accepted the privacy policy before clicking on the ‘Send’ button. After that it is just a matter of waiting for 1-2 business days to hear back from the company. The follow-up for such requests is generally done through a phone call or an email.

Contacting Zara Stores

It is not always necessary to contact the Zara Office; sometimes, one may have an issue that can be resolved by contacting the store too. The Zara website has a Store Location tool on its website too for this purpose. One simply has to select one’s region/country from the dropdown menu and then type in one’s location before clicking the ‘Find Stores’ button. The tool would then display details of all the Zara stores located in that city/region. Sometimes, there is more than one store available. The tool also displays the complete address of the store along with the contact number.

zara-customer-care-numberAdditional information such as the category of customer the store caters to, i.e. women, men, kid, is also provided underneath each store. Further, the page has a Google map tool on the right-hand side to make it even easier to find the store. Visiting the store is not always required because the problem/request/question can also be taken care of over the phone. However in certain cases it might be necessary to visit the store. For instance, if it is a size issue pertaining to an apparel then it would be necessary for the individual to visit the store along with the ill-fitting outfit to get it exchanged or refunded.

Irrespective of whether you’re contacting the Zara store or the Office in your country/region, it is important to note that the Customer Service numbers are toll-free.

Contacting Zara Head Office

If you have a problem of great magnitude which requires to be addressed by the Zara Head Office located in New York City, USA then you can reach out to them at:
Zara Head Office
500 Fifth Avenue, Suite 400 10110 New York
Phone Number: 1-212-355-1415
Fax: 1-212-754-1128

zara-telephone-numberPlease note the timings for contacting the Head Office of Zara:

Mondays – Fridays: 8.30 am – 7.30 pm (EST)
Saturdays: 10.00 am – 4.00 pm (EST)
The Head Office remains closed on Sundays.

Other Means of Contacting Zara

Apart from the above mentioned options and Zara contact number or numbers, one can also connect with the Zara Customer Service through the following platforms:

Irrespective of what your query is pertaining to Zara’s product(s), you can call up the customer care and they will definitely help you and provide the best solution for you.